30 June 2011

Rapid Reviews. . . .HG, IAN4, DUFF, Locket.

I have read a lot of books since my last review but haven't had the chance to review any of them. Some I wasn't even going to bother with but decided to compile in a "Rapid Review" . . . So, here goes:

#1: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins ()
Yeah, you saw right. . . I only gave this book TWO stars! I'm going to be completely blunt; What the hell did you people see in this book!?
It's been a few months since I've read this book and my views haven't changed. In fact, I've actually blocked a LOT of what happens in this book. I was not fond of the killing for public entertainment. The names (screw the fact that it's in the future. . . Katniss?), The way Katniss strings along Peeta (who was the ONLY good part of this book), the "twist" at the end, four full pages about her sisters goat, there was no climax, it was "action" the entire time without the action.
I can't give a good review to a book I just wanted to throw. And I've read reviews where people cried. Yeah, I wanted to cry because it was sooo boring & frustrating!!! The one other person who agrees with me? Another Book Junkie!
Now, I want to give it one star. I seriously regret buying this book and will NOT read the rest of the series and won't bother with the movie.  (Well, I may just for Elizabeth Banks and Josh Hutcherson.)

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#2. I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore (1/2)
When I realized this book was about aliens I knew I wanted to read it immediately. I love sci-fi! As I began reading it I couldn't help but compare everything John does and his powers to Superman. . . (I am very into Superman). . . His super strength, all his abilities, etc. But there were so man differences that it didn't really bother me. 
There was action, romance, futuristic-ness, suspense, romance, I loved it! I rarely read books from a male's POV, because not many are written but even though he was the one talking I still swooned over him. 
Again, it's been awhile since I've read this book so I can't remember all the details I'm sure I loved. 
I will say the movie compared to the book--there is none. I did not like the movie AT ALL. So do not skip the book based on the movie. (Though a lot of people liked it...) I thought the actors fit the characters perfectly, but the way they "movie-fied" it tore away from the book. 

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#3. The DUFF by Kod Keplinger()
I LOVED this book! It was fast paced, real, raw, and kept me completely interested the entire time. It could be because I can relate to Bianca. The girl who is honest maybe a tad bitchy, but feels lost in a world where everyone seems to know their place. And though she finds an outlet that I would rather run from, shut the door lock, bolt and nail a couple planks of ply-wood up for good measure, I can understand why she chose a more distructive outlet. Her life has kind of always been planned for her and she's never really had a chance to be who she wants, so she tries something that's otherwise forbidden with the hottie douche-wagon of the school and finds out she likes it.
(Basically if you listen to John Mayer's song "Assassin" [here] it kind of sums up Wesley's POV.)
We all know how the book would end but the way it ended had me smiling from ear to ear.
There are some rique scenes in there that had me feeling awkward yet loving every minute of.
I picked this book up at about 12am intending to just start the book. I'd get up to do things trying to avoid reading it in one night, but about 4am rolls around and I've finished it. And I want to read it again. But I refrained.
This is a book I wish I'd bought! (And I will, soon.)

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#4. The Locket by Stacey Jay () - ARC
I wasn't thrilled about reading this book, but I figured it'd be a fantasy fluff read that I'd whizz through without any real attachments. It was a fantast fluff read, and I didn't have attachments, but I didn't whizz through it and in fact I left about the last 20 pages unread. Just reading the last page. It wasn't even fluff it was almost gag worthy(the ending) and I love the girliest of girliest type of books and movies, so that's saying a lot.
Katie finds a locket in her grandmother's belongings (hello, thief) and decides to wear it on her anniversary with her boyfriend Isaac. She's done regrettable things in the past and it turns out Isaac knows it, so he leaves her on the side of the road in the pouring rain (hello, douche). It's then that she's sent back in time to the exact moment before she makes her mistake. From that point on I knew this book was going to aggravate me. . . and it did.
There were so many inconsistencies and things that don't make sense even if you go back in time I don't understand how things that would happen before that moment would have changed. I'm sure this was going for the whole Butterfly Effect kind of thing, but how do things happen change if she never went back that far. I asked questions. I didn't get answers. How does someone she never really met all the sudden have a kid. A building (I'm sure was built before she was born) change directions. The fact that I was more concerned with this things than the actual story shows how much I cared. 
Isaac was a douche, Katie was whiny and obnoxious, and Mitch was the one from the start --duh! 
(Wow, that was incredibly negative...sorry.) This book in NO WAY turns me away from Stacey Jay. I want to read her new book Juliet Immortal even though I loved Romeo & Juliet, I'd like to see a different aspect!

These reviews are matters of opinions! I appologize if I offend anyone with anything I've said. I have been reading a lot books lately that I just do not like and I mainly see positive reviews raving of these books and I think there needs to be more honest opinions that show both positive and negative reviews. 
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