30 December 2013

The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard Book Highlight & Giveaway!

Title: The Forgotten Ones
Author: Laura Howard
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Series: The Danaan Trilogy #1
Published: April 28, 2013

Allison O'Malley's plan is to go to grad school so she can get a good job and take care of her schizophrenic mother. She has carefully closed herself off from everything else, including a relationship with Ethan, who she's been in love with for as long as she can remember.

What is definitely not part of the plan is the return of her long-lost father, who claims he can bring Allison's mother back from the dark place her mind has gone. Allison doesn't trust her father, so why would she believe his stories about a long forgotten Irish people, the Tuatha de Danaan? But truths have a way of revealing themselves. Secrets will eventually surface. And Allison must learn to set aside her plan and work with her father if there is even a small chance it could restore her mother's sanity.

Laura Howard lives in New Hampshire with her husband and four children. Her obsession with books began at the age of 6 when she got her first library card. Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and other girly novels were routinely devoured in single sittings. Books took a backseat to diapers when she had her first child. It wasn’t until the release of a little novel called Twilight, 8 years later, that she rediscovered her love of fiction. Soon after, her own characters began to make themselves known. The Forgotten Ones is her first published novel.

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20 December 2013

Book highlight & giveaway: Insanity by Cameron Jace!

Title: Insanity
Author: Cameron Jace
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Expected publication: December 20, 2013

After accidentally killing everyone in her class, Alice Wonder is now a patient in the Radcliffe Lunatic Asylum. No one doubts her insanity. Only a hookah-smoking professor believes otherwise; that he can prove her sanity by decoding Lewis Carroll's paintings, photographs, and find Wonderland's real whereabouts. Professor Caterpillar persuades the asylum that Alice can save lives and catch the wonderland monsters now reincarnated in modern day criminals. In order to do so, Alice leads a double life: an Oxford university student by day, a mad girl in an asylum by night. The line between sanity and insanity thins when she meets Jack Diamond, an arrogant college student who believes that nonsense is an actual science.

Excerpt from chapter 1

The writing on the wall says it's January 14th. I am not sure what year. I haven't been sure of many things lately, but I’m wondering if it’s my handwriting I’m looking at.
There is an strange key drawn underneath the date. It's carved with a sharp object, probably a broken mirror. I couldn’t have written this. I'm terrified of mirrors. They love to call it Catoptrophobia around here.
Unlike regular patients in the asylum, my room is windowless, stripped down to a single mattress in the middle, a sink, and bucket for peeing--or puking--when necessary. The tiles on the floor are black-and-white squares, like a chessboard. I never step on black. Always white. Again, I'm not sure why.
The walls are smeared with a greasy pale green everywhere. I wonder if it's the previous patient's brains spattered all over from shock therapy. In the Radcliffe Lunatic Asylum, politely known as the Warneford hospital, the doctors have a sweet spot for shock therapy. They love watching patients with bulging eyes and shivering limbs begging for relief from the electricity. It makes me question who is really mad in here.
It's been a while since I was sent to shock therapy myself. Dr. Tom Truckle, my supervising physician, said I don't need it anymore, particularly after I stopped mentioning Wonderland. He told me that I used to talk about it all the time; a dangerous place I claim I have been whisked away to when my elder sister lost me at the age of seven.
Truth is, I don't remember this Wonderland they are talking about. I don't even know why I am here. My oldest vivid memory is from a week ago. Before that, it's all a purple haze.
I have only one friend in this asylum. It's not a doctor or a nurse. And it's not a human. It doesn't hate, envy, or point a finger at you. My friend is an orange flower I keep in a pot; a Tiger Lily I can't live without. I keep it safe next to a small crack in the wall where a single sun ray sneaks through for only ten minutes a day. It might not be enough light to grow a flower, but my Tiger Lily is a tough girl.
Each day, I save half of the water they give me for my flower. As for me, better thirsty than mad.
My orange flower is also my personal rain check for my sanity. If I talk to her and she doesn't reply, I know I am not hallucinating. If it talks back to me, all kinds of nonsense starts to happen. Insanity prevails. There must be a reason why I am here. It doesn’t mean I will easily give in to such a fate.
"Alice Pleasance Wonder. Are you ready?" the nurse knocks with her electric prod on my steel door. Her name is Waltraud Wagner. She is German. Everything she says sounds like a threat and smells like smoke. My fellow mad people say she is a Nazi; that she used to kill her own patients back in Germany. "Get avay vrom za dor. I an coming in," she demands.
Listening to the rattling of her large keychain, my heart pounds in my chest. The turn of the key makes me want to swallow. When the door opens, all I can think of is choking her before she begins to hurt me. Sadly, her neck is too thick for my nimble hands. I stare at her almost-square figure for a moment. Everything about her is four sizes too big, all except her feet, which are as small as mine. My sympathies, little feet.
"Time for your daily ten-minute break," she approaches me with a straitjacket, a devilish grin on her face. I never get out. My ward is underground, and I take my break in another empty ward upstairs, where patients love to play soccer with a hedgehog’s head.
A big muscled warden stands behind Watlraud. Thomas Ogier. He is bald, has an angry-red face and a silver tooth he likes to flash whenever he sees me. His biceps are the size of my head. I have a hard time believing he has ever been a 4-pound baby.
"Slide your arms into the jacket," Waltraud demands in her German accent, a cigarette puckered between her lips. "Slow and easy, Alice," she nods at warden Ogier, in case I misbehave.
I comply obediently and stretch out my arms for her to do whatever she wants. Waltraud twists my right arm slightly and checks the tattoo on my arm. It’s the only tattoo I have. It’s a handwritten sentence that looks like a thin arm band from afar. Waltraud feels the need to read it allowed, “’I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.’” I was told I have written it myself while still believing in Wonderland. “That Alice in Wonderland has really messed with your head.” She puffs smoke into my face as she mocks me.
The tattoo and Waltraud’s mocking is the least of my concerns right now. I let her tie me, and while she does, I close my eyes. I imagine I am a sixteenth century princess, some kind of a lucky Cinderella, being squeezed into a corset by my chain smoking servant in a fairy tale castle above ground, just about to go meet my Prince Charming. Such imagery always helps me breathe. I once heard that it was hope that saves the day, not sanity. I need to cool down before I begin my grand escape.

Things you might want to know:

Cameron writes books that he can't find elsewhere, basically to amuse himself. Everything Cameron does is for fun, so don't take him seriously. Never call him a writer. He hates that. He prefers the word: Storyteller, or the boy next door who claims he can tell stories.

If you like his books, horaaaay! He loves ya too. If ya don't, hoooray! Now we know in advance that this relationship isn't going to work.

Although his books are ordinary on the surface, they hold many secrets that he might reveal one day. What matters the most to him are characters struggling to find their identities and place in the world.

Things you don't need to know:

He celebrates his birthday twice a year, the day he was born and Friday the 13th. He wants to live in a bubble house. He is a damn good guitar player. He is damn good architecture college drop out. He likes boats, beaches, bears, beards, bananas, bars, barfights, beans, bikes, bones, butter, babes, bakery, blizzards, and pirates (he thought it was spelled Birates when he was a kid.)

And honestly, writing in third person sucks! It's so fake. 

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17 December 2013

Book Highlight & Giveaway: The Outsider Series by Lorhainne Eckhart


This collection includes all the books and short stories of the hot and sexy Friessen men and the strong and vulnerable women they love.

THE FORGOTTEN CHILD: - #1 AMAZON BESTSELLER in Romance Series & Westerns. How do you tell a man there is something wrong with his child?

A BABY AND A WEDDING (The Forgotten Child to Fallen Hero bridge short story of Brad & Emily)

FALLEN HERO: A cowboy who walked away from his family's fortune. A woman  who returned  for justice. What they didn't expect was to find love.

THE SEARCH (Fallen Hero to The Awakening bridge short story of Andy, Jed and Diana): When her husband goes missing she's forced to call the one man she shouldn't.

THE AWAKENING: A young woman who's lost everything, and the wealthy rancher who saves her.

SECRETS: "Jed always told me he'd take care of everything. And I believed him, I trusted him, I loved him."

RUNAWAY: Andy sets out to bring his runaway bride home. But when he finds her, he's in for a big surprise.

OVERDUE: (Runaway to The Unexpected Storm bridge short story of Jed and Diana)

THE UNEXPECTED STORM: He can have any woman, except the one he wants.

THE WEDDING: A man who's always planned everything, and a woman who's struggled alone--The Wedding will change their lives forever.

For anyone who can't get enough of those sexy male alpha cowboys and the strong stubborn women they love, The Outsider Series Omnibus Collection is your next Friessen fix!!! Over 350,000 words of pure cowboy love, deep family ties, and sizzling hot romance!

2012 was an amazing year in the publishing world for me, and it started with The Forgotten Child, which landed on the Amazon bestseller list for western romance and romance series. 2013 has seen me posted in the top 100 authors on Amazon for romantic suspense, mystery/thrillers, and police procedurals.

Where did it all begin? In 2008, I published my first novel, The Captain’s Lady, a contemporary military romance, through The Wild Rose Press. I’ve since received the rights back from my publisher, and I rewrote the book and republished it with a brand new title, Saved.

I write edgy romantic suspense (Walk the Right Road Series), western romance (Finding Love ~ The Outsider Series), and young adult mystery, and I warn my readers to expect the unexpected. I’m a mother of three children and we live on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. I encourage you to contact me by email; I do answer every email I receive.

Stay tuned. There is more to come from the Walk the Right Road Series and Finding Love ~ The Outsider Series, as well as a brand new western romance series coming later this fall, The One.

And to my readers and all of you who have shared my stories with your family and friends, a big, heartfelt thank-you.
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12 December 2013

Blog Tour: Shadow of Sin by Parker Kincade - excerpt & giveaway!

Shadow of Sin by Parker Kincade
Book #2 in The Martin Family companion series
Release date: November 6th, 2013

A man determined to protect her…

Caleb Martin is no stranger to hazardous situations. He's seen enough bloodshed to last two lifetimes. When an innocent evening takes a dangerous turn, Caleb takes matters into his own hands. If she wants his help, it’s his rules, his way. Period.

A woman who won’t be controlled…

When it comes to relationships, Samantha keeps things casual, unassuming. Safe. Caleb Martin is far from safe. His ‘my way or the highway’ attitude pushes all the wrong buttons, and she’d sworn no man would have that kind of power over her again.

A hunger that won’t be denied…

Protecting Samantha from the man that stalks her shouldn't test his patience—or his control—but her smart mouth and hot Irish temper stoke the fuel of his desire. She is pure sin—a distraction he doesn’t need, a temptation he can’t resist.

Despite their animosity, Caleb has starred in her fantasies for years. His ruthless sensuality proves to be more potent than she ever imagined. As Caleb masters her body, Samantha must keep a tight grip her heart.

Amanda shoved a bag into his arms and before he could blink, wormed her way past him. Caleb followed her to the kitchen and set the bag on the counter.
“What’s all this?” It looked like she’d brought enough food to feed an army.
She craned her neck, clearly looking for something. “You missed Sunday dinner and I didn’t want you to starve.”
 He bit back a smile. She’d have to look a little harder if she was going to find Samantha, who was currently taking a shower in his bathroom. He was sure it was the last place his dear baby sister would imagine her to be.
Amanda slid onto a stool and crossed her arms over her chest. Her long blonde hair, secured in a ponytail, made her look like the little girl he remembered. Her eyes, though—her eyes betrayed that look of innocence. Behind the shimmering emerald burned knowledge of pain and loss. Things he’d wished he could’ve protected her from. Should’ve protected her from.
Hers were the same eyes that stared back at him when he looked into the mirror. Their father had been the one with the blue eyes. Their father, and Alec.
And when Amanda looked at him like that, as if she were trying to figure him out, she looked so much like their mother it made his gut clench.
“And yet, I’m able to feed myself every other day of the week.” Caleb’s mouth watered at the spread she’d brought. Containers of fried chicken—his favorite—mashed potatoes, and pan gravy made him groan with pleasure. Yes, he could cook. And yes, he fed himself just fine, but there was nothing better than his sister’s home cooking. Something else she’d inherited from their mother.
“Cut the shit, Cay. Where’s Sam? I know how you two get. Is she okay?”
“How we get?”
Her lips pursed as she considered him. His fierce little cherub. “Did you kill her?”
Caleb fought to school his expression and nodded somberly. “I did. Then, I dumped her in the lake. Of course, I had to weigh her feet down with cinder blocks first, her being so light and all. Wouldn’t do to have her floating around for someone to find, right? You want some chicken?” He held the container out to her. “No?” he shrugged. “More for me.”
“Not funny, Cay.”
He laughed. “Well, what did you expect me to say? Of course I didn’t kill her. In fact, I’ve been the perfect gentleman.” Unless, of course, she counted the time he’d pushed Samantha’s head into his lap and buried himself in her mouth. Or the time he’d shoved his fingers into her wet heat and brought her to climax—twice—while he’d feasted on her breasts. Or the time —
“What is that look? What’s going on around here?”
Caleb shoved his libido back into neutral. He was pretty sure Alec knew he’d been sleeping with Samantha, but his sex life wasn’t up for discussion with Amanda.
The last few days had been a revelation. He was relaxed, at ease in his own skin for the first time in a long while. He almost felt … content.
It was Samantha.
Buried deep in the heaven of her body, Caleb could almost see himself through her eyes. And he liked what he saw.
A man worthy of a woman as smart and intelligent as her. A man who could protect and take care of her. And that’s exactly what he would do.
He hadn’t been there when his parents had died. He couldn’t help Amanda with her grief once he’d returned home. He’d lost his men in Columbia, almost lost Amanda last year. He’d failed so many people in his life.
He would not fail Samantha.
Each time he’d gotten up at night, Samantha had been there. No amount of encouraging or browbeating would get her to leave him alone. And lord knew he’d tried. But, instead of letting him work out his frustration on the treadmill, she’d challenge him to a video boxing match and go until he couldn’t hold his arms up, or she’d coax him back to bed, giving her body to him until they fell from exhaustion. Alec had been right about one thing; the woman had more stamina than most of the Marines he’d worked with.
She didn’t pry, didn’t bombard him with a thousand questions, or expect him to talk.
She waved off his gruff moods and refocused his attention.
And he was utterly amazed by her.
He could feel his life changing even as he lived it. All because of one sexy redhead. Samantha was fiercely independent and challenged him at every turn. But, when he got her naked, holy fuck, she’d shown him a side of her he hadn’t known existed. A soft, sensual side that drove him crazy.
She’d given him everything. He knew it. He felt it.
He just didn’t know what to do about it.
He didn’t know if it was about him, or if it was just … her. Samantha wasn’t one to do anything half-assed. Did she treat all her lovers the same?
Christ. Thinking about her with another man made his knuckles itch for a fight.
“Caleb!” Amanda slammed her palms on the counter.
Desperate for something to do with his hands, Caleb stacked the containers with the intention of putting them in the fridge. “Jesus, kitten. Chill out. Samantha’s fine. She’s in the shower.” Washing all traces of him from her delicious body.
“How are you doing?” She indicated to the discoloration on his arm.
“Nothing to worry about. I’ve had worse.” Much, much worse. “We’re both fine, I give you my word.”
“Thank you, Cay.”
The sincerity in her voice pulled on his heart. “Thank me for what?”
“For looking out for Sam. You set aside your feelings because you know she’s important to me.” She shrugged. “I appreciate it, that’s all.”
His mouth tugged into a frown. Samantha had said the same thing. Regardless of what had happened in the past, his reasons for keeping Samantha safe had nothing to do with Amanda.
“I can take her off your hands now,” Amanda continued. “She can come stay with me and Joe.”
Over his dead body.
“She’s not some dog you have custody of.” His irritation grew. “You make it sound as if her staying with me is the worst possible thing for her. I doubt she’d share your opinion. No. She stays, for now. She’s safe here.”
Amanda looked as if he’d insulted her. “She’ll be safe with us.”
“As safe as you were?” he barked.
Blood reddened her cheeks. “That’s not fair, Caleb. What happened to me last year has nothing to do with this. And let me remind you, I did a pretty good job of taking care of myself before Joe got there.”
“Hey, hey. What’s all the yelling about?”
“Sam!” Amanda jumped up and hugged Samantha tight.
“Can’t. Breathe. Wanna ease up a little?”
Samantha met his gaze and mouthed, “What’s this?”
“She was worried I’d killed you.”
Samantha laughed and pulled out of Amanda’s embrace. “Aw, come on now. You know I’m irresistible. All it took was a little forced co-habitation and a lasagna to convince Caleb to put up with me.”
“It was a damn good lasagna,” Caleb confirmed, watching the women closely.
Amanda snorted. “Be that as it may, I want you to come stay with me.”
He bit his tongue. Telling Samantha she couldn’t go would be the fastest way to get her to leave. She had to make her own decision. And if she made the wrong one, well, then he’d pack a bag and go with her.
Either way, he wasn’t leaving her side. Samantha may want to believe their association had an expiration date, but the more he thought about it, the more he thought it was a crock of shit.
They’d never be able to avoid each other, and he’d never be able to sit back and watch another man touch her. It was as simple as that. He wasn’t sure where that left them, but he sure as hell wouldn’t find out if she took off with Amanda.
“I’d like you to stay,” he said. “But of course, it’s your decision.”
Samantha cut him a glance. “Actually, for once, I agree. We made a deal, and I’ll stick to my end of it. I love you, Amanda, but I need to stay here a while longer.”
It chapped his ass that she’d brought up that stupid deal they’d made, but if that’s what she needed to justify staying with him, then so be it. He’d address her little comment about needing to stay here later.
Amanda’s gaze darted back and forth between them. “Why don’t we go have some lunch and talk about it?”
Caleb shook his head. “I don’t like the idea of you two out there alone right now.”
“Yeah?” Amanda shot back at him. “Well, get over it. Sam and I need to talk.”
“I am going a little stir crazy, and lunch sounds great.”
“You don’t have a phone.” He felt obligated to point out she’d have no way to contact him if something happened.
She squared off with him and he felt a familiar stirring in his pants as she planted her hands on her hips.
“Well, whose fault is that?” Her gaze softened slightly. “You can’t keep me locked up forever, Caleb.”
Why did she keep acting like staying with him was such a hardship?
Amanda grabbed Samantha’s arm and dragged her toward the door. “We’ll be fine, Caleb. Joe’s waiting downstairs and will be with us the whole time.”
“See? Nothing to worry about.” Samantha winked and blew him a last minute kiss over her shoulder as they walked out. “Later, horseman.”
Caleb stared at the door and wondered—not for the first time where those two were concerned—what in the hell had just happened.

Parker Kincade is an award-winning erotic romance author of The Martin Family Series. Her first novel, One Night Stand, won the category of Best Erotic Romance in the Celtic Hearts Romance Writers Golden Claddagh contest and was named finalist in the Romance Writers of America/Passionate Ink Stroke of Midnight contest.

Parker lives in the southern United States with her husband, children and beloved boxer sidekick. She loves reading, playing golf, spending time with her family and friends, ice cream from the ice cream truck, taking her dog to the park and watching old musicals.  

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06 December 2013

Book Highlight & Giveaway: The Saving of Benjamin Chambers by Anna Bloom

The Saving of Benjamin Chambers by Anna Bloom
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Published December 4th, 2013

Benjamin Chambers needs saving, he just does not know it yet. Bored of his life of repetitive gigs with a band going nowhere fast and one night stands with girls who are only interested in his role as a lead singer, something has got to change. It’s just what do you do when the only life you know involves messing around with guitars and attempting to run away from any female attention that comes your way.

Ben has a New Year’s resolution and one that he is determined to keep, quit the band and get a life of his own. Little does Ben realise that on his last night with his band Sound Box he is going to meet a girl who will turn everything he knows upside down.

As Ben sets himself the challenge to find ‘The Girl’ again, he may be about to learn that in an effort to rescue her, he himself will be the one to be saved.

       Delilah, Lilah or whatever she is called is, standing over on the far side of the room, her back against the wall wearing a figure-hugging red, floor-length dress. Her dark hair and eyes stand out in contrast. She looks like a Forties movie star, all curves and perfect poise, watching everyone with a critical eye. She hates this place and she hates the people that are here, that is clear to me straight away.
       I want to jump off the stage to get to her. I can’t tear my eyes away, even though Dave has picked up my guitar and shoved it back into my hands, hissing, “play, you idiot.”
       I am walking to the front of the stage still staring when I notice that I am being watched but not by her.
       Some guy who looks like a pretentious arsehole is watching me watch her and then he starts to move across the floor to get to her before I can leave the stage. I am stuck like a rabbit in headlights, rooted to the spot as I watch him clearly move towards her like he is proving he has ownership.
       When he gets to her he pulls her in close and winds his hands around her waist. I have to physically restrain myself from leaping off the stage and punching him. That’s what I want to do, a deep urge burning inside me. Jump from the stage, bop him on the nose, hopefully causing significant blood loss, and then throw her over my shoulder and march her off with her someplace. Someplace where I can kiss her and talk to her, in no particular order. Then I may well ask her to marry me because I am pretty sure that I want to.
       I don’t though, I don’t move from my spot on the edge of the stage. I start to play my guitar instead but not the song the rest of the band are expecting. Luckily it has a long intro so they are able to catch up.
       As I start to sing ‘Wonderwall’ I watch as the banker wanker twirls her onto the dance floor.
       It’s not a song for twirling, what is he doing the bloody arse?
      She has her hands on his shoulders and her back to me but I can clearly see an enormous diamond ring sitting on her left hand from my spot quite a distance away on stage.
       Damn it to hell.
     I nearly stop singing, but I hold it together and as I head into the second verse my choice of song becomes even more appropriate.
      The banker wanker pulls her in even tighter and I get a nasty taste in the back of my mouth. I am just in the middle of the chorus when they take a turn and I catch a glimpse of her face.
      That’s what does it. That very moment gives me something completely different to live for.
      She is biting her lower lip and the beautiful eyes are staring far away in the distance, framed by a frown. She looks like she would rather be anywhere then where she is right now. She looks lost, but on top of that she looks lonely and I feel a bubble of something well up inside me, something like joy. Joy at the fact that this guy holding her, who’s obviously bought her the ring, has no idea what she is feeling. I don’t think he has looked at her face once, not to read it the way that I am. This is good. It means that if I can get to talk to her again then I can make sure my words are the right ones, the ones to make her notice me, the ones to make her want to at least talk to me. And, well, if that fails then I will just crinkle my freckles at her, pick her up and throw her over my shoulder and march off with her hoping for the best.
       I know that I will do anything to save her from whatever is causing her sadness and by doing that I have a feeling she will save me.

Anna Bloom is a contemporary romance writer who writes about life as it happens. Combining a busy schedule of looking after two small children whilst working in a local school and completing The Uni Files series she also spends a lot of time imagining kissing hot guys – all in the name of her art.

                  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads 

03 December 2013

Book Highlight & Giveaway: Shelf Life by Stephanie Lawton!

Title: Shelf Life
Author: Stephanie Lawton
Genre: Contemporary New Adult
Publication date: December 3, 2013

*Mature situations and sexual content - recommended for ages 17+*

It’s impossible to focus on college biology when your family believes doomsday is imminent and the government is out to get you.

All Pete Wilson’s ever wanted is to become a veterinarian, but those dreams are going up in flames. Commuting to an urban college and helping his parents with their apocalyptic prepper crap is more than he can handle.

Worse, Pete’s asshole neighbor is stirring up trouble, his family’s stockpile has been destroyed and farm animals are turning up dead.

Lindsey Linger is the tomboy sister of his best friend. Now a sexy spitfire, she and Pete are liable to set the barn ablaze as their romance finally heats up. But she’s hiding a terrible secret, and rural life isn’t all bonfires and hayloft romps. That becomes clear one icy winter night when the survival of everyone Pete loves hangs in the balance.

Can Pete be the hero they need, or will this be the end of the world as he knows it?

Join us all day TODAY on Facebook as we chat with Stephanie, as she celebrates Shelf Life's launch day with giveaways, excerpts, special content, free downloads, & more!

Always a misfit, Stephanie Lawton writes twisted romance that tugs the heart strings then punches you in the gut.
She has a tendency to psychoanalyze people, which comes in handy when creating character profiles. She has a fascination with teacher-student relationships, bullies, psychics, doomsday preppers and larger-than-life characters.
Making readers squirm is her greatest pleasure. 
Proceed with caution.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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