28 December 2012

How Does it Look?!

Whew, that took much longer than I thought to get everything how I'd like. Making the social network buttons (to your right→) the header (up there↑), my new signature, rating system and more. The only thing I have left (hopefully) are the navigation buttons at the top. For now, I'm leaving it as basic type font.
Hope you don't mind! ^_^"

My first actual post will be January 1st. I'll have two actually, one ringing in the New Year and then another with my Top 10 K-Pop Albums of 2012!

So, tell me what you think and if something seems off to you, or just doesn't work, let me know!!

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and I hope you have a magical New Year!!!

Lots of love!

26 December 2012

New Camisado Mind. . .

I'll be doing a complete overhaul of this blog during the rest of December and starting January 1st, I'm going to bring in the New Year by posting my top 10 favourite K-POP albums and Top 20 favourite songs from this year! (Which will include any song from 2012. No matter the genre or country of origin!)

Then I'll be posting a few reviews, in my mail box post and more.

So, for today and the rest of the week, excuse the mess! ^_^"

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