15 January 2018

This Week in Books

These are the books that I hope to not only get to, but read this week!


Turtles All the Way Down by John Green
Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Crooked Kingdom is taking me a bit longer because it's fantasy. I do love fantasy books, but something about them takes forever for me to get through them. But because the others are contemporary, I'm hoping I can fly through them. Especially Turtles All the Way Down, it's a very short book. I will have to be careful with Big Little Lies, it's a borrow from the library, and it is well worn!

(Recently finished: Now is Everything by Amy Giles | ☆☆☆☆)

Hope your week is 👌🏾!

12 January 2018

My Top 10 Underrated Korean Dramas

So here are ten of my favorite Korean dramas that no one talks about! I've given you my rating next to the title, but do not pay too much attention to that. They're not all 5 stars, but I still enjoyed them and they're ones that I still think about today!
Of course I'm posting this on a Friday to give you something to binge over the weekend.
If you've seen any or want to, let me know.

  1. What's Up, Fox? | ☆☆☆☆☆ | Aired: 2006 | Watch on: Viki or Dramafever
    I have no idea why I started this drama. I guess it just sounded interesting, but I'm glad I did. Chun Jung Myung became a favorite for me after this one. This also has one of my favorite OST's in a drama. The song styles are very different from anything else--very indie vibe. I watched this so long ago, that I don't know how I would feel about it now.  But when I did watch it, I loved it. Give it a shot!
  2. Haundae Lovers | ☆☆☆½ | Aired: 2012 | Watch on: Dramafever
    Don't let that lower rating fool you, I did enjoy this drama. It was cheesy as hell, but there was something about it that I absolutely loved. I remember hating this drama the first few episodes, but I kept on going, and I'm glad I did. This is an amnesia drama (ew), but the drama started getting better after the lead male loses his memory. And for whatever reason, I'll always remember my favorite scene, using my favorite Korean quote (I just like the way it sounds): "머리부터 발끝까지." Which translates to "from head to toe." But the best part is when he regains his memory. . . you'll just have to watch.
  3. I Do, I Do | ☆☆☆☆☆½ | Aired: 2012 | Watch on: Viki or Dramafever
    No one, and I mean no one I talk to or even on tumblr has seen this drama....WHY!? I fricking loved it. I loved the role reversal, rich woman, poor guy, older woman, the chemistry, the fun! I mean, the dude carries a freaking table umbrella for her! I feel like that because this drama is not widely talked about or highly rated, Lee Jang Woo has not had another lead role. But he needs it. He's so frickin' adorable! And he saved the drama Bel Ami for me, because whoo that was a bad one! Let me know what you think! (And yes, that is 5 and a half stars)
  4. 49 Days | ☆☆☆☆☆ | Aired: 2011  | Watch on: Dramafever
    I have only watched a very very small handful of melodramas, I cannot stand them. But even though this is classified as one, I wouldn't call it one. It never dragged and it kept you guessing and rooting for the female lead to win in the end. This does border on fantasy with a spirit inhabiting another woman's body for 49 days while said spirit's body is in a coma. There are a lot of sad moments, but also a lot of lighter moments. And you get Jung Il Woo. So...you're welcome!
  5. Ex-Girlfriend Club☆☆☆☆☆ | Aired: 2015 | Watch on: Viki or Dramafever
    I need more from this lead right now! I adored him in this drama. His physical acting is perfect. Song Ji Hyo is amazing, Lee Yoon Ji's facial expressions are fantastic. This cast is just so so good! The chemistry between all of them is so good. I remember seeing one gif set on Tumblr and decided to give it a try. Uggghhh, so glad I did. I need Byun Yo Han in another romcom--like now! There are only 12 episodes, so you'll fly right through this one.
  6. Hogu's Love (or Fool's Love) | ☆☆☆☆½  | Aired: 2016 | Watch on: Dramafever
    Choi Woo Sik and UEE, need I say more? I probably do... I watched this drama with my little brother and nephew. They were so into it, I rarely had to read the subtitles for them. We all three laughed, cried and just loved this show to pieces. Why is there not more love for it!? As with many dramas, the plot is a bit far fetched, but it is well done, imo! This writer also did one of the best dramas of 2017, Because This is My First Life. She's very into the whole feminist thing. Sooo I already love her!
  7. Heart to Heart | ☆☆☆☆½ | Aired: 2015 | Watch on: Viki or Dramafever
    I went in to this drama because of Chun Jung Myung, but came out the biggest fangirl for Lee Jae Yoon. Holy guacamole, I'm obsessed!! I related to this main girl so hard. I'm very introverted, but I know I need to go out in the world to work. Unfortunately, I can't disguise myself as an old lady, nor am I going to meet two super cute guys who will swoon after me. But a girl can dream, eh? Choi Kang Hee can hold her own in a drama. She's such a versatile actress.*Squeals* It's just so cute.
  8. Lucky Romance☆☆☆☆☆ | Aired: 2016 | Watch on: Viki
    Talk about a surprising drama. The synopsis makes it sound like such a whiny melo drama that I would give 3-4 episodes and give up. I needed to watch Hwang Jung Eum in something else after She Was Pretty (which was a major let down), so I gave this one a shot. And...the feels. All the feels. She's so dedicated to helping her sister, but her heart wants more out of life, and you just feel for this girl! Especially when she meets someone like the lead male, who gave me Sheldon vibes, but cuter and less annoying. An all around fun ride. 
  9. Save Me☆☆☆☆½ | Aired: 2017 | Watch on: Dramafever
    I just finished this drama a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not sure if I should really put this on this list. But if you want something that's different than your typical romcom, this might be for you. Action, suspense, friendship, and thrill--scare factor in the real world sense, not ghost sense. This is just about a group of guys trying to help a girl who is trapped in a religious cult. I'll be honest, I went in to this because of Ok Taecyeon, my ultimate bias, but that thought left my head once I got into it. It did take a few episodes, honestly about halfway through, before I really got into it. The country(Busan) accent in Korea is sometimes absolutely unbearable, but I got over it and started focusing on the content. Gosh this drama was so creepy and good!! Though there isn't any romance, it is implied. I will note there are scenes of suicide, almost rape and captivity. Just a warning!
  10. Oh My Venus☆☆☆☆☆☆ | Aired: 2015 | Watch on: Viki or Dramafever
    Ohhhh man, let's talk about this one! I can't even form words for this drama. Everything that frustrates you in a drama doesn't happen here. Something happens between the couple that would normally pull them apart, pushes them together. They fight for each other with each other. The amount of skinship, kissing, romance, real love is just...yesss! If Shin Min Ah wasn't with Kim Woo Bin (get well), I'd say she needs to be with So Ji Sub, because that chemistry ya'll. The people surrounding Kim Young Ho are amazing, and Kang Joo Eun's feisty attitude is everything. There are some of the best gifs from this drama, if you don't mind a little spoilery (honestly it's just some incentive to make you watch) then click here!! We won't talk about the fact that when the lead is "overweight" her dimple goes away, because that's not how that works. But everything else. Yes!
Okay, that's it! Those are my Top 10 Underrated dramas!
If you were to ask me which of these I would go back and rewatch, I would say:
Hogu's Love, Whats Up, Fox?, and Oh My Venus. I would rewatch them all, but those are the ones that really stuck with me. Let me know what you think, and happy new year.

If you'd like to see a list of every (mostly) drama I've seen and my rating,
click here!

09 January 2018

My Top 8 Worst KPOP Songs of 2017

We had some pretty good songs this year, but there were also some...not so great songs. And though I'm only listing 8, I had more but wanted to keep this simple. I would like to talk about each song and why I didn't like it! Also, because there are so few songs, I'll be putting them in order from bad to worst!

#8. Red Velvet - "Red Flavor" - click to watch MV
 First of all, this music video is terrible! This song came out in the summer, but they are so white washed. The colors and kaleidoscope effect is completely assaulting to the eyes. I cannot with the verses. They get on my ever loving nerves! I'll admit the chorus is slightly catchy...the dancing though? Hell no. Just no! No.

#7. BTS - "Best of Me" - click to listen (fanmade video)
This hurts me to put them on here--but I can't completely fault them; The Chainsmokers had a lot to do with this. I was so excited to hear they were working together, but what the actual fuck happened in the studio!? This song is so repetitive, obnoxious and just whyyyy!? This does not sound like something from The Chainsmokers or from BTS. Never again. Literally every other song on this album is gold, so I deleted it and pretended it never happened!

#6. Twice - "Signal" - click to watch MV
I just don't get it. This song is so fucking bad! I have loved Twice since their debut, however I feel like every song gets worse and worse with every comeback. The worst dance they've done, and probably one of the worst I've seen all year!! And this cheesy ass video that was weird as all fuck. JYP, what are you doing!? And that ridiculous ass bowl cut ya'll gave my girl, Chaeyoung!? *slaps hands* Bad, JYP! No! At least Tzuyu got to be in the (terrible) chorus.

#5. Twice - "Knock Knock" - click to watch MV
Oh my goodness gracious great balls of fire, I hate this MV so effing much. Why, in February do we have kids in Halloween costumes!? And just the editing in general -- *cringe* And yet another terrible dance. I know it has nothing to do with the amount of girls in the group because G. Friend, Pristin's "Black Widow"...enough said. The song just does not flow for me and I was over it before it was finished.

#4. IKON - "B Day" - click to watch MV | dance practice
What. The. Fuck. Is. This!? And that dance..... I just wanna rip my ears off! I didn't love "Bling  Bling", but at least it was tolerable. This is literally 7 guys girating with T-Rex hands and saying "wah wah wah wah". That's it. That's the whole song guys. I don't celebrate my birthday that way, so I guess I've been doing it wrong!

#3. EXO- "Power" - click to watch MV
SM, why did you do this to our boys? First you take Lay out of the equation, pissing fans off but then you give them great songs like "Ko Ko Bop" and "The Eve"... hell the whole The War album, and I was slightly okay. But you turn around and do this: Some cheap ass song in a cheap ass music video filmed 99% in front of a green screen? This song sounds like something DISNEY would have put out 5 years ago in a musical. I don't know what was going through the mind of the person who wrote it, produced it and then SM for giving it to EXO, but don't you ever do this shit again!!! I will say that Sehun looks damn good, though. 

#2. 2NE1 - "Goodbye" - click to watch MV
This was the dumbest shit! Not only did YG not need to give us this, they should not have. Telling us that one of the best girl groups were disbanding was enough, leave it at that. Why did you have to give us a sad and pathetic song from the remaining three members? That was not only a slap in their face, but in Blackjack's as well. We all deserved better. And it's a shitty song as well! I fucking hate the way the say "안녕"!! The MV is just bad and it's supposed to be all emotional, reminding us of their past. Yeah, it reminds us of their past--when they had good songs and good MVs. Fuck you kindly, YG!

#1. GOT7 - "You Are" - click to watch MV
THE MOST OBNOXIOUS SONG FROM ANY OF MY BIAS GROUPS THIS YEAR! It actually infuriates me how much I hate this song! Fuck my life this was so bad! It starts off alright, then we get this weird ass rap (from my ultimate bias) that doesn't fit with it and then the song changes styles completely and the awful chorus with the English that annoys all shit out of me! "There is not a cloud"...no NO NO NO NO! The only good thing about this whole thing is the fact that Jackson stuck with the dark hair. In fact this whole album was just terrible; "Teenager" was the only decent song and even that was questionable. GOT7, I just hope you do better (after resting *cough*JYP*cough*) in 2018!

05 January 2018

Drama of the Week - Two Cops

»Two Cops | 투깝스«

Genre: Crime/Romantic/Comedy/Sci-Fi | Episodes: 32 [35min each]
Air day: Mon & Tue | Air dates: 11.27.17 to 01.16.2018
Starring: Jo Jong Suk, Hyeri, Kim Sun Ho, Hoya

It's Friday, so I'm giving you my drama recommendation of the week. Just in time for a weekend binge!! I can't remember when I first noticed this drama, or why I decided to start watching, but I'm so so glad I did. It is so good!! Jo Jong Suk has officially become one of my favorite male actors. He is such a good versatile actor! And Hoya and Hyeri are in this?! #Win.
The episodes are about 35min each, so you feel like they're going by faster as you watch. I ended up watching all 20 episodes in two days! I can't think of anything I do not like about this!! I cannot find a single synopsis that does this drama justice. Which is probably why it took me so long to get to it. Just ask me about it, if you'd like!! I highly recommend this one.

Summary of the drama:
This is a story about a swindler who is forced to share the body of a justice-loving detective in the Violent Crimes Unit. This drama depicts an interesting collaboration between two ill-matched individuals who work together to fight for justice. On top of this, a cheeky, female reporter joins them on their investigation to solve crimes. As individuals, the three of them may lack in many ways, but as one, they are the most invincible and hilarious heroes there can be.

You can watch on: Viki
(you have to have a full pass to watch every episode. I had to find the remaining episodes on other sites.)

What dramas do I need to check out?! Let me know, below!

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