07 April 2014

March 2014 in Music!

If it weren't for music, I couldn't get a lot of things accomplished. Including life. I love music. And because of that, my favorites are constantly changing. Here are the top 25 played songs that I played during March 2014! In brackets are the number of times listened. This only included my iPod and not the amount of times I listened on my phone or CD. After this post I'll reset the plays on my iPod and start over for April.
To listen to the songs & fall in love with them too, simply click the song title!

Top Songs of March:

1. “착한 여자” by 2NE1 [28]
2. “Where You At (feat. Young Luffy)” by Louie [22]
3. “Amazing” by B1A4 [19]
4. “살아 봤으면 해” by 2NE1 [19]
5. “Baby I Miss You” by 2NE1 [19]
6. “Tattooed Heart” by Ariana Grande [ 16]
7. “상사병 (Symptoms)” by SHINee [16]
8. “Ringa Linga” by Taeyang [16]
9. "대답은 너니까” by VIXX [16]
10. “Girls Girls Girls” by GOT7 [15]
11. “상남자” by BTS [14]
12. “They Just Don’t Know” by Little Mix [14]
13. “Story of My Life” by One Direction [14]
14. “Healing” by U Seong Eun [14]
15. “Come Back Home” by 2NE1 [14]
16. “너 아님 안돼” by 2NE1 [14]
17. “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons [13]
18. “Someday” by VIXX [13]
19. “길” by B1A4 [12]
20. “Like Oh” by GOT7 [12]
21. “Honeymoon Avenue” by Ariana Grande [11]
22. “Seoul” by B1A4 [11]
23. “내가 니 남자였을 때” by BTOB [11]
24. “난 니가 좋아” by GOT7 [11]
25. “내가누구(feat. Yubin) by Sunmi [10]

I've been loving 2NE1's recent album, CRUSH, (honestly, it should be called a mini album). I didn't care much for it upon first listen, but a lot of the songs (mainly the ones in this list) have grown on me tremendously! I may or may not (okay, I totally am) be fangirling over GOT7. Especially JB and Jackon; though they're a few [5] years younger than me.
I cannot stop listening to "Story of My Life" by One Direction and "상사병" by SHINee. They are perfect. They will probably be on my next Top Listens!!
I'm actually surprised that "Ringa Linga" by Taeyang is so high on the list; I didn't think I listened to that song very much. But... I did.

What are your fave recent listens?


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