16 September 2015

Blog Tour: Guest Post & Giveaway - Head Over Heels for the Boss by Susan Meier!

Head Over Heels for the Boss by Susan Meier
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication: September 14th, 2015 by Entangled Publishing

Fantasizing about the boss is one thing. Falling in love with him is quite another…

Isabelle Cooper's in big, big trouble. Her flower shop? Well, it was just bought by the man she’s had a crush on forever. Her new boss, Devon Donovan, is a tall glass of melt-in-your-mouth hotness. The problem? Devon is definitely not interested in love. No ifs, ands, or buds about it.

Devon knows Isabelle has been crushing on him since college, but buying her business shouldn’t be a problem. Not only is she his employee, but as the eldest Donovan brother, he’s too busy protecting the family fortune for romance. But tomboy “Izzy” is all grown up now. And he’s finding it impossible to resist her, no matter how hard he tries...


About the Author

Susan Meier is the author of over 60 books for Harlequin and Silhouette, Entangled Indulgence, Red Hot Bliss and Bliss and one of Guideposts' Grace Chapel Inn series books, THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS. In 2013 she lived one of her career-long dreams. Her book, THE TYCOON’S SECRET DAUGHER was a finalist for RWA’s highest honor, the Rita. The same year NANNY FOR THE MILLIONAIRE’S TWINS was a National Reader’s Choice finalist and won the Book Buyer’s Best Award.

Susan is married with three children and is one of eleven children, which is why love and family are always part of her stories.

Guest Post


I love small towns. Though people say they are gossip pits and boring, or maybe gossip pits because they are boring, I love the interactions of people.
I love how people in a small town can be snarky with each other one minute and pulling together the next. A fight can end when someone gets sick, or is in an accident or has a child in trouble.

The town of Harmony Hills, Pennsylvania is no different. Though they happily maintained a feud for thirty years, essentially they loved each other.
I also like how small towns create groups. The Dinner Belles who rose to fame in the Donovan Brothers Novels in book 1, HER SUMMER WITH THE MARINE, is the non-denominational church ladies group, who made after-funeral lunches and held fundraisers. Those fundraisers became the “entertainment” for the town on more than one occasion. And that reminds me of when I was in elementary school. I would wait all summer for our church’s end-of-summer picnic. The day would be hot and steamy, but there’d be cold soda and ice cream, carnival rides and a turkey dinner that made the entire church grounds smell like heaven.

The volunteer fire company is the clearest example of residents pulling together to work for each other. There’s always a small grocery store that sells things for twice what the big store does, but really is a lifesaver when you’re out of onions and in the middle of making dinner. I like small town parks, and benches on Main Streets where old men sit and … well, talk about the weather.

I like small towns because you can’t be anonymous. For better or worse, everybody knows you. But, in a way, isn’t that nice?

In a world where we sometimes get lost in the social media shuffle, having a place like Harmony Hills to call home is a happy thing. So if you’re like me and love small towns, join us in Harmony Hills for the Donovan Brothers novels, HER SUMMER WITH THE MARINE, CHASING THE RUNAWAY BRIDE and HEAD OVER HEELS FOR THE BOSS.


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