07 June 2010

Heavenly & Penitence trailer. (Challenge)

I'm asking if anyone has read either one of these books by Jennifer Laurens. If so, please tell me one thing you like and don't like about each book.
Heavenly and Penitence. 
If you haven't read either book then watch the following trailers and tell me whether or not you like them and if you want to read the books.

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If I get enough followers by the end of this summer on my blog and or the facebook & twitter pages I will do a giveaway. 
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  1. What the french?! I've been trying to post these for two hours but Blogger keeps saying "Blogger is currently unavailable." It won't even let me update my profile or anything. Oh pooh. Anywho...I really liked Heavenly, still waiting for Penitence.

  2. Hey there! I entered this giveaway too! I really enjoyed the attraction between Zoe & Matthias. I cant wait to read Penitence to continue their story.

    Check out my blog post: http://www.sithereandread.com/2010/06/summer-trailer-commotion-heavenly.html

  3. I like your blog! I entered this give away too and hoping to win the penitence book as well.

    Check out my blog and leave a comment.



  4. Hi Shanise, email me your mailing addy at: jennlaurens@yahoo.com for Heavenly!


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