18 June 2010

Taking back books.

This past weekend I got a few books from the library that I was rather excited about, but I've been rather busy this week. More than I'd wan to be. The only time to sit down is the time I've allotted for any shows I like that are on, so about an hour or two I can sit down....but I've yet to find to read. So I just gave my mom the books I got that I posted in my last In My Mailbox post to return to the library. I have two books ready; A Blue So Dark by: Holly Schindler and The Summer of Skinny Dipping by: Amanda Howells. I'll post them along with the book I just received in the mail in an In My Mailbox post tomorrow or sometime this coming week.

I hope that tomorrow and Sunday I'll have more time to read. I also hope to arrange a better schedule so that I can teach my younger brother (summer school), send him outside to play and clean.....hoping here's a few hours until bed to read. You would think with summer I'd have more time to read...wrong!!

Anyways, so there will not be any reviews for Insatiable by: Meg Cabot, Numbers by: Rachel Ward, or How to Say Goodbye in Robot by: Natalie Standiford. But I'm hoping there will be reviews for other books soon!

Happy Readings (if you have time.)!

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