17 June 2014

K-POP BREAK: Comeback Anticipation [2014]

Every year, sometimes a few times a year, an artist or band will release a new album, music video(MV), and change up their style. In the K-Pop world, this is known as a "comeback." There are many artists that I am anticipating a comeback from in the year 2014.
I do not know when any of them will have their official comeback, some may not even have one this year. I'm just hopeful.
Once one listed has had their comeback, I will italicize the artist name, move them higher on the list, and put the song next to it with a link to the official MV [or to the single, if there isn't a MV]. These are in no particular order, just what I thought of as I was creating this list. I will also try to review the song (or album) whenever they are released!

  1. f(x) ~ "Red Light"
  2. Tiny-G ~"Ice Baby"
  3. Bock B ~ "Her"
  4. Sistar ~ "Touch My Body"
  5. Ladies' Code ~ "Kiss Kiss"
  7. Andamiro
  8. EXID
  9. EVOL
  10. Chocolat
  11. 2PM
  12. missA
  13. SPICA
  14. 이하이 (Lee Hi)
  15. Ailee
  16. Dalmatian (DMTN)
  17. GD&TOP
  18. After School
  19. Wonder Girls
  20. SHINee
  21. 서인영 (Seo In Young)
  22. Glam
  23. Epik High
  24. Tablo
  25. TOP
  26. Two X
  27. Super Junior
  28. Wonder Boyz
  29. B.A.P.
  30. 요성은 (U Seung Eun)

Any K-Pop artists you're excited for a comeback from in 2014? Let me know!

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