15 January 2016

Happy New Year! [Iridescent Lotus]

Hello Everyone!! And a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! 
After much time without a computer, I have finally purchased one (thank you Black Friday deals) and am excited to start my blogging journey again. I have changed my name from Camisado Mind to Iridescent Lotus. I just feel it expresses me a lot more. When I think of my previous name, I only think of books (because that's all I posted in the beginning, otherwise no connection) and I just wanted a change to express the many colors of me.
(I'm still working on the layout: changing fonts, colors, etc...)

I recently went through all of my posts to see which ones had the most views and which ones had the least views; I was surprised. Most of the things I enjoy posting had higher views. This excites me.

Things I'll post more of:

  1. Book reviews
  2. Book-ish posts
  3. Movie reviews
  4. TV & Drama reviews
  5. About Asian dramas
  6. K-Pop reviews, and updates
  7. Music in general
Things I'll post less of:
  1. Book tours
  2. Author Spotlights/interviews
  3. Highlights

I hope you guys have an amazing 2016.
Let the entertainment commence.

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