19 January 2016

K-POP BREAK: Comeback Anticipation [2016]

Every year, sometimes a few times a year, an artist or band will release a new album, music video(MV), and change up their style. In the K-Pop world, this is known as a "comeback." There are many artists that I am anticipating a comeback from in the year 2016.
I do not know when any of them will have their official comeback, some may not even have one this year. I'm just hopeful.
Once one listed has had their comeback, I will italicize the artist name, move them higher on the list, and put the song next to it with a link to the official MV [or to the single, if there isn't a MV]. These are in no particular order, just what I thought of as I was creating this list. I will also try to review the song (or album) whenever they are released!
  1. Anda ~ "Taxi"
  2. 4minute ~ "싫어 (Hate)
  3. 백지영[Baek Ji Young] ~ "약도 없대요 (No Cure)"
  4. Mamamoo ~ "1cm의 자존심 (Taller than You)", "I Miss You"
  5. Ladies Code ~ "Galaxy"
  6. Block B ~ "몇 년 후에 (A few years later)""TOY"
  7. 이하이 (Lee Hi) ~ "한숨 (BREATHE)" & "손잡아 줘요 (HOLD MY HAND)"
  8. GOT7 ~ "Fly"
  9. Red Velvet ~ "7월 7일 (One Of These Nights)"
  10. BtoB ~ "봄날의 기억(Remember that)"
  11. DAY6 ~ "Letting Go(놓아 놓아 놓아)"
  12. BTS ~ "불타오르네 (FIRE)"
  13. VIXX ~ "Dynamite (다이너마이트)"
  14. AKMU ~ "RE-BYE""사람들이 움직이는 게(HOW PEOPLE MOVE)"
  15. TWICE~ "Cheer Up"
  16. EXID ~ "L.I.E."
  17. EXO ~ "Monster", "Lucky One"
  18. SISTAR ~ "I Like That"
  19. B2ST/BEAST ~ "Ribbon"
  20. MADTOWN ~ "Emptiness(빈칸)"
  21. SPICA ~ "Secret Time"
  22. Two X ~ "OVER(꽂혀)"
  23. 24K ~"Still 24K"
  24. missA
  25. After School
  26. B1A4
  27. Girls' Generation
  28. Ailee
  29. Shannon
  30. Rania
  31. SHINee
  32. 9Muses
  33. 2NE1
  34. SISTAR19
  35. f(x)
  36. Troy
  37. Epik High 
  38. Tablo
  39. Secret
  40. DMTN

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