18 February 2016

Drama of the Week - Signal

»Signal | 시그널«

Genre: Action/Crime/Mystery | Episodes: 16 | Air day: Fri & Sat | Air dates: 01.22 to 03.12

After watching the Chinese drama Love Me if You Dare, I needed another crime drama to fill the void that it left. [It was so so so good. HIGHLY recommend.] I hadn't heard of any of the actors in this drama and that intrigued me even more. I was being disappointed over and over by watching dramas based on the actors alone.
So far, this dramas has not disappointed. One of the best first episodes to a drama, and it has continued to impress.

I love the almost time travel aspect of it, reminiscent of the movie Frequency. It involves real life unsolved cases in Korea, some still unsolved to this day.
If you're into that sort of thing, I highly recommend. The lead isn't so bad to look at either. [reminds of a mix of the rapper Tablo and GOT7 member JB.]

Summary of the drama:
Inspired by a real series of grisly rapes and murders from 1986-1991, detectives from the past and present tap into a mysterious walkie talkie signal that allows them to work together across time. With hindsight and foresight on their side, can these detectives catch the depraved culprit, or are 10 women—including a 71-year-old grandmother and 13-year-old girl—forever lost?

Have you had a chance to watch this one? Let me know what you think below!

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