06 September 2011

Top 5 Songs Played This Week!

I guess this stays pretty true to my past meme "Tune Tuesday", seeing as how, duh, it's Tuesday. ;-)
One change, I won't do playlist topics. I'm creative but not that creative...lol.

Top 5 Songs this week?
1. "바람났어 (feat. 박봄)" by GG (listen) -- Oh boy.... This song is just fun. That's all. Pure fun. The Translation is "Having an Affair", but it won't translate to that in Google Translate. *raised eyebrow*. Anywhoodles. I just love this song... that's all. And I've been playing it constantly.
2. "How to Love" by Lil Wayne (listen) -- I strongly strong dislike Lil Wayne... His voice annoys me, his raps have no meaning. But I frickin' LOVE this song! Sadly it's kind of like an anthem for me. Surprisingly his voice doesn't annoy me. (This is when autotune is acceptable.) And the MV for it is amazing!
3. "No Woman I've Found" by Madison | LST (listen) --I recently found his song "Who Knows" somehow and loved it and through a series of clicking links, I came across his soundcloud that had this song and I LOVE it! There's a lyric that goes,"...'cause every time she puts her hands in mine, when our palms combine, our life lines align." LOVES IT! Can't wait to hear more from him! [The very beginning of his song "Chillen in the House" reminds me so much of "Turn it Up" by TOP!] To download (which I recommend) click the "download button" above the song. :)
4. "Ugly" by 2NE1 (listen-- I love what this song is about. Not that they're actually ugly. But that all girls have that feeling that they're just not good enough. Every one of these girls are gorgeous....sooo... Yeah. But I just love them & the song!
5. "Hate You" by 2NE1 (listen) -- I would have loved if they kept the original lyrics "F*ck You".... but Korea is kind of strict in the music department, so I'll accept "Hate You". I just love the beat in this song more than anything!
*bonus"내가 제일 잘 나가" by 2NE1 (listen) -- Oh man... I play this song too much. lol. I am in love with 2NE1's entire mini album and cannot wait for their full album. This one is so much fun. And these girls are  the best of the Kpop girl groups! So the song (translates: "I Am The Best") fits them!! I may have a girl crush on CL and Bom. Heh.

That is my list for this week. Hoping I have 5 new songs next week. But I'm LOVING these!! :)
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