20 September 2011

Top 5 Songs Played This Week!

Ahh. Music. My first love.
Here are the top five songs that I've been playing constantly this past week!

1. "Rocketeer" by Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder (listen) - I strongly disklike their song "Like a G6"... to put it bluntly, I think it's stupid! But this one? I loveee it! I had a Pandora playlist for the Kpop group SHINee going, and this song came on. My first thought -- "not repulsive, let's listen to the whole thing".... and I downloaded it as soon as it was over. So, the fact that they're Asian (for once) has nothing to do with drawing my attention. Heh. I love the MV as well. Even if it never friggin' loads for me on youtube! :)

2. "La Vida Es Bella" by Ana Isabelle ft. Chino & Nacho (listen) - She is gorgeous, Chino & Nacho are adorable... Especially Chino (even if I don't really go for guys with braids. But that lip bite at 0:56 (heh) And his arms. And abs.... I digress). Anyways, the song....
Well, this song (Life is beautiful) is so much fun to dance and sing along with! Gawd! The Spanish language is the most beautiful language in the world to me, especially in song! I love every single word in this song except "gracias a dios" but we won't get into that. Heh. ♥♥ Seriously, listen to this song when you're in a blah kind of mood!!

3. "Disaster" by JoJo (listen) - I have been waiting for JoJo's comeback forever. All these leaked songs were a nice tie over, but nothing felt official. Until now! With a hint from her two previous hits "Leave (Get Out)" and "Too Little Too Late" (my fave), JoJo brings a powerful empowering song. And though I don't love it, it's definitely growing on me. From my favorite singer, a song that showcases her vocal talent! Love.

4. "Who's That Boy" by Demi Lovato ft. Dev (listen) - Demi? Is that you? This is definitely nothing like her past albums, which I love, but I'm glad she's getting more into her R&B vocal tones. This song is STUCK in my head. And with the release of her album UNBROKEN today [can't wait to get it home], I'm sure more songs will be stuck in my head! And with noise cancelling headphones, the bass is ridiculous. LOVE that!! 
This girl has pipes on her, and I'm loving that she's changing her range! Dev & Demi's voice work perfectly together in this song. This performance is so fun, she's stepping out & I hope she continues with the attention, positive! [watch live here]

5. "Good-bye Baby (Silver Mix)" by miss A (listen in HD) - Though I love the original version (here) of this song. The Silver Mix is just 10x better! The bass [which, apparently I'm loving lately] is amazing. The whole feel of it is different from a lot of Kpop music. The original reminds me too much of their first song "Bad Girl Good Girl", which I like... but too similar. Jia's rap just flows better when it's slowed down as does the hook. And Min's voice, my fave. (GIVE HER MORE PARTS MR. JY PARK!)

(Song I'm still listening to? "No Woman I've Found" by Madison | LST! Love it.)
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