18 October 2011

WINTERTOWN by Stephen Emond [review]

Wintertown by Stephen Emond

December 5th, 2011 | Little, Brown Books
Age: Young Adult
Pages: 336
Acquired: ARC


Review: The summary for this book had me extremely excited to read it. I was hoping it'd be just like it sounded, but for me, it wasn't.
In my opinion is was just another YA contemporary read with comic strips attached. And, the comics were my favorite part.

I never really got to know Evan or Lucy, they just seemed like people you got to watch from afar, but not allowed to get too close to. But when we were allowed into their little world, I enjoyed learning about them, especially when Lucy finally decided to speak.  But her sudden change was just off-putting, I really didn't find her reasoning behind it to be very dramatic. It was actually whiny. She had options. She made bad choices. I didn't feel sorry for her.
But, with that, I felt bad for Evan. He's a people-pleaser and he just never seemed very happy. From the beginning the end, he just wanted to make sure everyone around him was happy before him.

Evan's grandmother was the comic relief, in my opinion, the rest of the story just seemed to go on.

I don't regret reading this, but I wouldn't have been disappointed if I'd have never read it.

But, don't let that stop you. I've read quite a bit of mixed reviews, so give it a try. :)

(PS. There's a shameless plug for his other book Happyface in here. Look for it!)

Characters: 1/2
Writing: 1/2


Author Info:
Steve Emond does not have any superhuman powers, neat tricks, or famous relatives, but he’s a pretty cool guy who can draw. He is the creator of Emo Boy, which ran for 12 issues and two collections, and the comic strip, Steverino. He grew up in Connecticut, where he wrote and directed a public access sketch comedy show that only his grandmother watched.
Wintertown is his second published book. Happyface is his first.

Check out Stephen on: website  | twitter | facebook | goodreads | deviantart
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