08 February 2013

Drama of the Week - School 2013

»SCHOOL 2013 | 학교 2013«
I'm currently watching two dramas that are weekly dramas, meaning I get a new episode and then have to wait a week for the next ones...So to fill that time [because I totally needed to], I picked a drama that had every episode released, but was still new.
I had watched the first couple of episodes of the Korean drama, 학교 (or School) 2013 when it was airing, and liked it well enough, but not enough to want  to wait every single week, so I stopped. After seeing a ton of gifs on tumblr I knew I had to continue with the show. And I am so glad I did.

The show is not a romance drama, at all. [Of course that may change.] It's just a teen drama with a bit of comedy. Luckily it's not a melodrama, it seemed to be a melodrama season in Korea. I love the characters, especially Teacher Jung (and her amazing variety of boots), Go Nam Soon, Song Ha Kyung & Lee Kang Ju. Their other teacher, Teacher Kang was fun at first, but now he just seems like a pretentious douche.

There is action, comedy and lots of friendship and drama. I'm only about 10 episodes in, [of 17 episodes] but I am hooked!

Here's a quick summary of the drama:
Story about Seungri high, a troublesome school that houses students from the most eligible to the most problematic. 'School 2013' shows different life stories of teachers and students as they grow up through conflicts and compromises.

If you'd like to watch too, and get totally hooked, check out these websites with English subtitles: Dramafever | Viki | Hulu

If you watch (or have already watched), make sure to tell me what you think!

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