01 January 2011

Welcome 2011!!

With this year, I want to be dedicated to this blog, not only in the posting but in the interactions with any readers I may have, keeping everything up to-date, and always keeping an attractive layout.
I hope to bring in more memes, giveaways, and features. . . and whatever else that may keep me occupied and you entertained!
I've decided that instead of having two blogs -- one dedicated to reading & one to music and movies -- they'll all be here, in one place.
So this blog won't just be about books, because it's not my only love in life. There are many others!
But books. . . are still number one!

I think I'll also do a random "personal" blog at least once a month.

Aigoo. . . Too much I want to say. But I'll just tell you that the first week of January 2011 will be without many or any posts - aside from this one - but I'm going to try to post at least once a day.

And don't be afraid to tell me about your blog. I need to read and comment more on others as well.
This is an amazing community!!

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