05 April 2013

K-POP BREAK - Comeback Anticipation!

Every year, sometimes a few times a year, an artist or band will release a new album, music video(MV), and change up their style. In the K-Pop world, this is known as a "comeback." There are many artists that I am anticipating a comeback from in the year 2013.
I do not know when any of them will have their official comeback, some may not even have one this year. I'm just hopeful.
Once one listed has had their comeback, I will italicize the artist name and put the song next to it with a link to the official MV. 
These are in no particular order, just what I thought of as I was creating this list. I will also try to review the song (or album) whenever they are released! 

  1. Andamiro - "Waiting (feat. Double K)"
  2. Lunafly - "Fly to Love"
  3. 2NE1 - "Falling in Love", "Do You Love Me"
  4. EXID
  5. EvoL - "Get Up"
  7. 태양[Taeyang]
  8. EXO [EXO-K & EXO-M] - "Wolf [Korean]", "Wolf [Chinese]"
  9. 이효리[Lee Hyori] - "미스코리아 (Miss Korea)"
  10. Chocolat - "Black Tinkerbell"
  11. 2PM - "이 노래를 듣고 돌아와(Come Back WhenYou Hear This Song)" & "하.니.쁜 (A.D.T.O.Y)"
  12. miss A
  13. G-Dragon - "미치GO", "Coup D'Etat", & "삐딱하게(Crooked)"
  14. Ailee - "U&I"
  15. SPICA - "Tonight"
  16. 이하이[Lee Hi] - "It's Over" & "Rose"
  17. Jay Park - "좋아(JOAH, I like you)" & "Welcome"
  18. SISTAR19 - "있다 없으니까(Gone, Not Around Any Longer" {review}
  19. Dalmatian [DMTN] - "Safety Zone"
  20. Brown Eyed Girls - "Kill Bill"
  21. Deez
  22. 램[Ram:]
  23. GD&TOP
  24. Piggy Dolls - They changed the members and the style of their music; no longer listening.
  25. 백지영[Baek Ji Young] - "싫다(Hate it)"
  26. 4minute - "이름이 뭐예요?(What's Your Name?)"
  27. 보니[Boni]
  28. After School - "첫사랑(First Love)"
  29. JJ Project
  30. G.Na - "Oops!(feat. Ilhoon)"
  31. Wonder Girls
  32. SHINee - "Dream Girl", "Why So Serious?", & "Everybody"
  33. AOA - Moya
  34. 서인영[Seo In Young] - "나를 사랑해줘 (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo) (Love Me)"
  35. GLAM - "거울앞에서(In Front of the Mirror)"
  36. Block B- "Very Good" & "빛이 되어 줘(Be the Light)"
  37. B2ST - "Shadow"
  38. Secret - "YooHoo"
  39. She'z - "Night and Day", "왜 이럴까 (Why Am I Like This?)"
  40. 가인[Ga-In] - "Brunch (with Hyungwoo)"
  41. Stephanie
  42. 김소리[Kim Sori]
  43. Tasha 
  44. Tiger JK - "살자(The Cure)"
Any K-Pop artists you're excited for a comeback from in 2013? So far this has been the year of rookie groups for me. Sooo many new girl groups that I am loving!! I can't wait to see what else 2013 has in store for K-Pop!

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