02 April 2013

MUSIC REVIEW: "있다 없으니까" by SISTAR19

SISTAR19 - "있다 없으니까" [mini album]
Genre: K-Pop/Dance/R&B
Language: Korean
1. "SISTAR19" - xx
2. "있다 없으니까 (Gone, Not Around Any Longer)" - xx
3. "나도 여자인데 (A Girl in Love)" - xx
4. "마 보이 (Ma Boy)" - xx
5. "있다 없으니까 (Gone, Not Around Any Longer) Inst.)" - xx

My thoughts:
SISTAR is a group that's a hit or miss for me. I adore the girls, but sometimes their songs are just too much. But when Starship (their record label) tookd my two favourite girls, Hyorin & Bora and formed a subunit called SISTAR19 I was fangirling a little too hard. I loved their song "Ma Boy" when it was released May of 2011 and I didn't think they were going to do anything else with just these girls. But at the beginning of the year I saw that they would have a comeback and a few days later they released "있다 없으니까 (Gone, Not Around Any Longer)"! Do I like it as much as "Ma Boy"? Yes and no. It doesn't have the same listen & dance factor, but it still has the same sing along factor.

I wish that there were maybe two more songs on the mini album, but I'm glad we got a new song with 나도 여자인데", which, in my opinion has the listen & dance as well as the sing along factor. I love love that one. I kind of wish that was the single they released.

There isn't much to say about this album except, I love it. I love Hyorin's vocals and Bora's rapping. She has this subtlety to her voice when she raps, it's borderline singing but not... if that makes sense. lol.

Check these girls out and their group, with the other members Soyu and Dasom!

Bonus video:
The music video for "있다 없으니까"!

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