01 April 2013

MUSIC REVIEW: "CODE #01 나쁜여자" by Ladies' Code

Ladies' Code - "CODE #01 나쁜 여자" [mini album]
Rating: ½
Genre: K-Pop/R&B/Dance
Language: Korean
Debut Year: 2013
1. Intro...Bad Girl
2. 나쁜 여자 (Bad Girl)
4. Supergirl
5. Dada La
6. 안울래 (I Won't Cry)

My thoughts:
I learned about this group through their individual member teasers (Sojung, Rise, Ashley, Zuny, EunB), and there was absolutely no inclination as to what genre or sound these girls would have, but I was definitely intrigued.
A few weeks later they released the music video for their debut single, "나쁜 여자" and from the first note I got chills. I don't really know what I was expecting from them, but this wasn't it. It's good. Like... really really good. Especially for a rookie group's debut song and music video!
I immediately downloaded their mini album and fell in love. "Supergirl" is a super fun, motivating, girl empowering song while "안울래" is their only real ballad and though it shows their amazing vocals, it doesn't really need to seeing as how they sound amazing in all of the songs.

"Dada La" has an addictive beat and hook, "bling bling B-L-I-N-G" that I catch myself singing randomly, though my favourite part of this song is the chorus, I absolutely love Sojung's voice! There's a kind of burlesque sound to the song that makes me want to put on knee high songs and short shorts and dance around the room like I'm on a stage. (TMI? Oh well. ^_^")

This will most likely be in my "TOP 10 KPOP Albums of 2013" this year! Super fun. Of course, who knows what the rest of the year will hold!

I like to say that these girls are a mix of SPICA and Wonder Girls. They have the gorgeous vocals like SPICA, but they're more of an upbeat dance group (without being obnoxious and girly) like Wonder Girls.

Bonus video:
Check out their debut music video for "나쁜 여자" below. I love the dance and colors of the music video. [Watch this video here to see the dance in full. Amazing synchronization for a rookie group!]

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