02 April 2010

Books to Pine For (1)

(Hosted by: The Story Siren) Books to Pine For are books that have yet to be realeased that you're most excited get your hands on. I've never done a BtPF post, and never really read anyone else's. But yesterday I happen to read Kristi's post and found that over half of them interested me.
I created a Goodreads.com profile to help organize the books I've read, would like to read and are currently reading all in one space. I love this site! I'll have all links to the post. (Add/Follow me on goodreads: click here.) My goal is to get up to 200 books (read, to-read, currently reading combined) by the end of the month.
I will link in the end of this blog all of the books that The Story Siren interested me with. (Here is her post. I love how she grouped the colors and themes of the book. I however am just adding them!)

The Duff by: Kody Keplinger (Sept. 7th, 2010)
I'm actually not completely interested in this cover, however I was interested in the title and what the book is about. This could very well be a fluff book, but I enjoy the predictable books about the outsider falls for another outsider...et cetera. Yes, I don't mind the predictable books.

I've read Fallen and though I wasn't completely blown away with the book I enjoyed it and I'm ready to see what happens in the next book(s). And I happen to love the cover of both Torment and Fallen.

Sea by: Heidi R. Kling (June 10th, 2010)
First of all, if I saw this cover in a store or library I'd pass it over without giving it a second thought. I see a mermaid and the human boy she falls for, or vice versa....but this book has nothing to do with mermaids or much of the ocean for that matter. This book is ahead of it's time even though it won't be published for a few months, it was written about a year ago.

Arson by: Estevan Vega (May 4th, 2010)
I love creepy covers. And this is quite the creepy cover. I honestly don't think I'd think about getting it, but I'd pick it up, admire the cover, and read the book jacket, but I know that I limit myself in the book department. So I'm hoping that this book doesn't let me down.

Flash by: Michael Cadnum (April 22nd, 2010)
Again with the creepy cover. I know, I know....but it's intriguing and the guy himself is quite creepy. Reading the summary for this book was a little confusing, but that's why you have to actually read the book. Which I will soon. Hopefully. I could have easily grouped this with Arson. I think next time I'll lay this out more!

I currently am in book #8 in Sookie Stackhouse series. I and I'll be buying the ninth soon. I buy these books instead of getting them at the library because they're, (1) so cheap in paperback at Borders(especially with there generous plethora of coupons) and (2) they're quick reads that I'd like to read again and again. But I am loving this cover for it's simple beauty and the fact that it has Sookie and Eric on it...and the book is about family so hopefully we'll finally get to delve into both of their pasts!

Books I'd like to read on The Story Siren's BtPF post:

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and in a couple weeks or so I'll do another. And more organized!

*If any of the links are broken you can check them all out on my goodreads profile. The link is in the sidebar under "Follow Me Around"!!

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