06 April 2010

In My Mailbox (004)

In My Mailbox was started by Kristi over at The Story Siren and it explores the contents of my mailbox or shopping bag on a weekly basis. Here's what I acquired this week:

From the library:
  1. Forever by: Judy Blume
  2. Need by: Carrie Jones

I've always wanted to read a Judy Blume book and I believe I read the summary for this book on Goodreads.com and decided this would be a good book to start with. She doesn't have many YA books, but if I enjoy this one I will definitely read them all and probably a few of her Adult books too. Wifey sounds pretty interesting!

There are many covers for this book, I've found and I couldn't find a picture for the cover that I have, so I picked my favorite of the choice. A lock and key. Simple and looks modern. This book was published in 1975 so I have no idea what the original cover is. I may look in Borders or Barnes & Noble.
Judy Blume has this cover on her website, simple as well. 
If you end up going to your book store and don't find any of these book covers, I promise you it's the same book.
I like that there was so much controversy about this book, but it'd be any other teen book now! Quite ready to read this book!

I read about this book on someone else's blog (I really can't remember the specific blog & now almost everyone has posted about it) and the book cover was the first thing that captivated me. I love gold. Not the jewelry kind. The shimmery, glittery kind. And the cover is just that! I don't know if based on the title, I'd give it a second thought, but by reading the summary it seems pretty interesting. 
I hope that didn't work up the book to end in disappointment. I'm really into series right now and there is already a second book out called Captivate with an equally beautiful cover.
And how many books do you know that have to do with Pixies?!
I love that on the Need website it says: "If you ask Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer to co-author a book, they would come up with Need." -Justine Magazine.

*Click the title of the book for the amazon link and the author for their official site.  Any other teal wording is also a link.

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