01 April 2010

New Blogs coming!!

I've read about "Books to Pine For" on The Story Siren's blog and feel in love with the idea. So I'll be posting one of these blogs soon! I'll have to look for a few upcoming books that really interest me and might just steal a few interesting ones from her. Shhh...
Another blog I'd like to write is one I kind of thought of last night, not too original, but I haven't found a blog that has done it yet. So I'll dare say I'll be hosting this...called "Mass Review". I'll take up to five books (no less than two books) I've read in the last week to month and write a mass blog with a short review on all of the books. :)
If I have more than five, I'll only post the ones that really need a review and simply list the others with a 1-5 star rating.

Excited to start these along with the others:

  • In My Mailbox
  • Waiting on Wednesday
  • In the Theater
  • Music Monday
  • Etc...
Of course I won't be posting every Monday, Wednesday...etc...but I'll try to write more blogs!!

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