24 April 2010

Rapid Review (2)

This is a post containing two or more books that I've read in the past week or two and I'll be giving a short review for all of them in one blog. I'll rate them and tell you if I recommend them.

Need by: Carrie Jones
3 out of 5 stars. Recommended.
From the cover to the summary to the cryptic one-word name, everything about this book seems so very interesting. But then we get to the innards...
There's only one word I can say about this book: Twilight. Yes, Twilight, the wildly popular book by Stephenie Meyer. The comparisons between the book are so similar that I found myself beginning to say "Bella" instead of "Zara" and Nick was almost a perfect mix of Edward and Jacob.
There are differences like this book is about pixies, human size/looking, blood hungry, pixies...okay so not that different.
After witnessing her step dad die of a heart attack, Zara's mother sends her to Maine; a cold, grey, dreary place; to live with her grandmother--an EMT. From the minute Zara moves to Maine she realizes there is something off about the small town. And there may be things lurking in the forest...she knows because they call her name.
I found myself reading this book wishing it'd pick up and move along but there were some parts I was really into. Like when Zara would quote phobias when she was nervous or scared. I never really got a feel for any of the characters, not even Zara, the narrator. I didn't feel this book had enough depth.
There is a second book to this series, Captivate, that I will be reading only to see where the story will go. Though Jones wrapped this one nicely that you don't feel anxious for the next one.
I wouldn't not recommend this to people who enjoy supernatural stories...but if you're looking for an original, this isn't really it.

Forever... by: Judy Blume
3.5 out of 5 stars. Recommended.
I have always wanted to read a Judy Blume book and I'm quite into YA's so I figured I'd merge the two and read Forever. Though the book flowed nicely and never really lagged I began to know exactly where the book was heading about half-way through and I didn't like it.
Kath and Michael's relationship through out the book moves along rather quickly. And because there is no defining day as to when it started and continued, you weren't sure exactly how fast it was moving.
I did feel that the style of writing was very YA but the actual wording and context were maybe more for adult. But since I'm 21, I have no problem with that.
I have to say that I wasn't happy with the ending...I wanted more. At least two or three pages. I'd have like to know a little more about Kath, Michael, and Erica's futures.
The book is a very quick read. And I did enjoy it...until the last five page.

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