19 April 2010

Rapid Review (1)

This is a post containing two or more books that I've read in the past week or two and I'll be giving a short review for all of them in one blog. I'll rate them and tell you if I recommend them.

A Season of Eden by: J.M. Warwick
4.5 out of 5 stars. Recommended.

The flow of this book is phenomenal along with how eloquently it's written. I haven't read a book that kept a steady pace in a long time. However because this book is so short -about 248 pages - we really didn't get to know the characters all that well or get to know their relationships. Especially outside of the relationship between Eden and Mr. Christian.
Upon first reading the summary and glancing at the cover I expected the book to be dark, moody and very depressing. I mean, a teen falling in love with a teacher--not all that light hearted. But it was just that. I feel there really wasn't a real climax in the story, but it is short so I could do without.
One thing I absolutely hated was that J.M. Warwick kept using the word "Retard" in a derogatory and negative way. Authors are obviously very talented and sharp tongued that I think there are many other words that could have been used. I hope in future books of hers that I will be reading she leaves out this atrocity of a word.
I truly recommend this book for a quick book about sacrifice, love, and how far you'll go for the one you love.

How to Hook a Hottie by: Tina Ferraro
4.5 out of 5 stars. Recommended.
This was almost exactly what I was expecting by the title and summary. A light simple book that may be a little younger than YA. But that isn't a bad thing. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Like A Season of Eden it's a short book and goes by really quickly. The characters don't have much time to develop but it seems even though there wasn't much time I still related to and understood Kate.
Though there were things I expected to happen and didn't I wasn't surprised that they didn't. I wasn't completely taken aback by anything that happened. But it kept a smile on my face the entire time
Kate's plans for her future are completely unrealistic, but she doesn't go on and on about them, so when she realizes they're unrealistic you're not wanted to slap her saying, "I told you so." You just nod your head and keep reading.
I recommend this book for an afternoon  at the beach or lounging at home. You'll probably get a few tips to hook your own hottie. :)

The Lucky One by: Nicholas Sparks
4 out of 5 stars. Recommended.
I am quite the Nicholas Sparks fan, though his earlier books cannot be out done.
I've picked up this book before on a whim that I'd automatically like it. I started reading it and for whatever reason put it down and never picked it back up. I don't think it was because I didn't like it because well I enjoyed it this time around. Though it took a few pep talks to get through the part I'd already read I started to get into it once Thibault finally met up with Elizabeth. The relationship between them developed quickly which helped to keep the book flowing.
The chapters I absolutely hated reading were those of Clayon...Elizabeth's ex-husband. Sparks did a great job making him out to be the jerk that he is. Sometimes I want to stay outside of the mind of a sadist. There was a couple times I had to force myself to get through his chapters. Thankfully his were the shortest.
As most Sparks fans know someone always dies in one of his books, and I was quite surprised at who did in this book. And like most of his books he wraps it up nicely with a happy ending (except Dear John--ugh).
I recommend this for a weekend staying home, on the beach, on a long car trip. Somewhere that it's okay to have a few distractions but won't take you away from the overall story.

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