23 September 2010

Review: "Paranormalcy" by Kiersten White

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Released: August 31st, 2010
Publisher: Harper Teen
Age: Young Adult
Pages: 352
Acquired: Won from Pure Imagination
Challenge: 2010 Debut Author | The Story Siren

Review: If you read many of the blogs that do book reviews there's a 99.9% chance you've heard the buzz about this book! I know I have. Which is why I was slightly nervous going into the book...that it wouldn't live up to it's hype.

Paranormalcy is about Evie, a girl who lives in the IPCA (International Paranormal Containment Agency)  headquarters after living in the foster system until she had her encounter with a vampire. When she tells them how the vampire really looked...under his glamour...IPCA takes her in and uses her to catch paranormals of every kind!
Growing up in such an isolated space with no contact with the outside world and having your best friend as a mermaid--it's obvious why Evie obsesses over anything...normal.

When a mysterious water boy shows up to the Center, everyone is on edge making sure he's contained until they figure out why he's snuck in and what he is. Evie begins visiting Lend and learning more about him. But never enough.

When paranormals start dying everywhere around her and her crazy ex-boyfriend keeps trying to kidnap her, Evie begins thirsting for more time with Lend, a shapeshifter--someone who's been the closest thing to normal in her life.

Evie is absoultely adorable and I loved her. Her and her side kick Tasey (her blinged out pink taser). Basically she was the best bleeping :) part of the book. Maybe second. I did love Lend as well.

I've read some reviews where people think Evie is annoying because of her over excitement for the most normal of things...like lockers...but hello she's lived in this confined place for most of her life. I loved Evie and only loved her excitement even more.

Judging the cover, this was not how I expected the book...I thought it would be darker but I liked how light it was yet still held depth! And by the way that is not at all how I imagine Evie. That is a small scene in the book--hair and dress--but I imagined Evie to be a lot prettier. And if it were to become a movie, I could see Taylor Swift playing her however...I didn't see Taylor while reading the book.

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Memorable quote: "It was slightly dull and utterly normal. It rocked." (Evie)
"Oh, relax." I waved my hand dismissively. "If he wanted to kill me, he already would have. I brought him all these sharp pencils, ideal for stabbing and he's been a perfect gentlemen." (Evie)

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