21 September 2010

Review: "Penitence" by Jennifer Laurens

Penitence by Jennifer Laurens
Released: April 29th, 2010
Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing
Age: Young Adult
Pages: 322
Acquired: Won from author's blog: Jennifer Laurens

Review: Pentience is the sequel to Heavenly(review) which follows Zoe Dodd and her family and friends and how heaven and earth have collided.
Penitence starts off directly where the first one left off--the hospital post car crash! Zoe has lived and is wanting nothing more than to be back in Paradise with Matthias by her side. But it doesn't look like that'll be happening anytime soon.

After leaving the hospital and returning back to school, Zoe just wants things to be as normal as possible, but when a man in black appears to be stalking her, her best friend is stalking her ex-boyfriend--Weston--who just so happens to be eerily watching Zoe...nothing is really going to be normal.

When Weston makes his intentions known, Zoe doesn't like it...at first.

I believe I missed Matthias as much as Zoe did, but I began loving Weston as well. It seemed that Matthias was always on her mind no matter what she was doing or who she was with. But sadly, as much as Zoe begins liking Weston...Brittany's obsession over him is getting out of hand. And it isn't long before Brittany begins turning on Zoe (but don't take the summary on goodreads to heart.) Even though Matthias is gone for quite awhile, his return brings tension and warnings to stay away from the handsome man in black, but it's hard for Zoe to listen.

Even with Matthias's blessing to be with Weston it's still clear that it's hard for him to see the girl he loves with another guy.  And though Zoe likes Weston--a lot--she can't seem to let herself feel the same way that he feels. Which is understandable when you have a perfect angel(literally) who is in love with you and will be in your life so long as your younger sister is still autistic...makes it hard to move on.

I love Matthias...but since this book I think I might like Weston a little more. Though he did--or came close to doing--a horrible thing, it's obvious that he learned from his mistakes and is trying to just love. And grow up.

Memorable quote: "You're the first girl who's had the guts to touch my controls." (Weston)

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