08 October 2010

Review: "Falling For Romeo" by Jennifer Laurens

Falling For Romeo by Jennifer Laurens

Published: October 1st, 2007 | Grove Creek
Age: Young Adult
Pages: 216
Overall: 1/2
Acquired: Library

Review: First of all, I love Jennifer Laurens' Heavenly series and her book under the pen name J.M. Warwick, A Season of Eden, so I kind of had high expectations going into this book. I think Jennifer is a great writer who knows how to get into the minds of young adults.
That being said, I'll get into the review.
John and Jennifer(MC, not author) have been next door--window to window--neighbors for most of their lives and grew up best friends. But when John grew taller and higher on the status chart, their relationship seemed to fall apart.

After both going out for the lead roles in Romeo & Juliet, it becomes clear that their friendship isn't going to be rekindled that easily. Jennifer has been in as many school plays as possible and now that John has decided to join, it's as if he's trying to take anything left that was once her own. And to top it all off, they both make lead. And what happens in Romeo & Juliet? They kiss of course!

This book is written in third person, which may be part of the reason I had trouble with it, I feel distanced from a book when I'm reading it in third person. However I did enjoy that it went back and forth between what Jennifer was doing and what John was doing, gave you more of a "fly on the wall" sense to their lives.

For me, at times, I felt like the book just drug on and on and it was rather maddening when you just wanted to scream(okay, I might have) at the characters to just tell each other how they felt! But of course, they're both completely stubborn in their ways and neither one wants to be the first to admit how they feel. So between the games of bantering, he-said, she-said, and what-ifs.

Though I did enjoy the characters, I just wished they vocalized as much as they thought!

Even with the disappointment I had in this book, that does not, in anyway, change how I feel about any other Jennifer Laurens book. I will be reading a few others from her soon. (Nailed, Magic Hands, and her upcoming book Overprotected.)

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