05 October 2010

Tune Tuesday (008)

This is Tune Tuesday, a lot like Music Monday created by…someone!
Each week I give you a playlist topic and you give me a list of songs that fit that topic. Between 10 and 20 songs. You can post a youtube or download link to the song as well if you’d like, just in case someone hasn’t heard that song before.

This week your topic is:

"Soundtrack to My Life"

Go through your iTunes or whatever music library you have and find songs that seem like the writers got inside your head and wrote down exactly what you were going through or thinking.
Find songs that completely or at least mostly pertain to your life somehow. So songs about being "famous" or having "haters"...just not going to cut it! Sorry!  They can be from any artist, band or genre. 
If you'd like, put a small reason why the song means something to you. If it's too personal...you don't have to. I will on some songs, not all!

Here's Part I of my Playlist (in no particular order):

  1. "Far Away" by Nickelback (listen) - This is the first song to ever completely tell exactly how I'm feeling from beginning to end. Every. Single. Word. Luckily I'm not so completely torn about the guy & we've both moved on. But it's always a what-if moment when I hear this song. And it's the only song from Nickelback I love...even like.
  2. "I'm OK" by Christina Aguilera (listen) - I have never been physically abused nor has my father ever abused my mother but not having a father there or act like he cares is relatable...but not comparable! My mom has always been my mother and my father and her strength is amazing...even though I know it's hard for her. I can not say that I know Christina's pain, but the pain of feeling like you're not good enough for some reason...I get that.
  3. "Unconditional" by Jordan Pruitt (listen) - Even though I'm pretty sure this song is about her god, I don't believe there is one. So I dedicate this one to my mom! Who I love and respect and I know she does the same for me...unconditionally. (P.S. Jordan is quite an underrated artist!)
  4. "Two Worlds Collide" by Demi Lovato (listen) - This is a song about your best friend...just knowing that when one's down the other will be there to lift them. No matter their differences or similarities. And I'm lucky enough to know I have a best friend like that. (Amanda at Another Book Junkie)
  5. "All I Want is Everything" by JoJo (listen)* - By the title it may seem like this song is a selfish song where you think you deserve anything and everything that you want...but it's about when you persevere and try for something you love and are passionate about and you just want to finally make it there. Bask in the glow of your success. And that's one of the biggest things that'll drive my focus (once I get focus-lol)!
  6. "Believe in Me" by Demi Lovato (listen) - This song will most likely be on a lot of my playlists...especially any that may be a "personal" playlist. It has helped me through so much! It's a song about finding yourself and finding where you belong even in the midst of  your darkest days. (You'll see a lot of Demi Lovato songs. Her music is completely relatable for me!)
  7. "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles (listen) - Basically, I have a lot of people in and throughout my life who believe that my life should go one way or another...instead of helping me go where I want to go, they like to shove me in another direction Newsflash: It just makes me want to rebel and do a complete 180 against what you think I want. I do not care if you disagree with me. You're not me! :-)
  8. "Afraid" by Vanessa Hudgens (listen)* - I feel this song is about me because no matter who I'm with relationship, friendship, or family wise...I build up a wall and it's very difficult to break through. And most of the time someone doesn't care enough to try. So I'm left feeling...alone. I've been hurt a lot, so I have a hard time trusting someone. This is mainly about love, but I can use it in all aspects of my life!
  9. "You Won't Find This" by Carrie Underwood (listen) - I will admit, my reasonings for having this song a relatable "about me" song is for quite selfish and conceited reasons. It's that thought that no matter where "he" goes or who "he" is with...they're never going to be me. She'll never love him like I did. And yes...it's about the same guy as my #1 song. I still like to believe that he'll never find anyone like me...even if I don't care. ;-)
  10. "Misguided Ghosts" by Paramore (listen) - Normally I don't like when the crowd sings along, but I find this so peacfully beautiful. Anyways...I think it's kind of obvious why I've picked this song. There are about four or five lyrics I can pick out that fit perfect, like: "See, I'm trying to find my place, but it might not be here where I feel safe. We all learn to make mistakes & run from them."  I don't think I need to explain that too much, do I? Hopefully I'll be able to say I related to this song, in past tense, soon!
So that is part I of my playlist for the week. I will be posting part II on my music & movie review blog, click here to follow & read! 

Leave a comment with your playlist. You do not have to write out a description as to why you feel the song was written about you, it's just so others can understand!

All links are a live performance or a music video of the song unless marked with an asterisk (*)! Enjoy!
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