02 October 2010

Smitten on Saturday (002)

Smitten on Saturday is hosted by fellow blogger and friend, Amanda at Another Book Junkie. You find your favorite book to tv or movie character you're smitten with and talk about him/her. It doesn't have to be some hot hunk...just someone who's close to your heart! (Amanda may not be doing one this week. Today is her daughter's birthday party...so she's being a busy mama. And I should be getting ready for that. lol)

This week I've chosen :

Duke Crocker!!

Duke Crocker is played by Eric Balfour in the SyFy show, Haven. The show is set in gorgeous Maine and based on the Stephen King novel called The Colorado Kid. I love SciFi shows and this is quickly growing to become one of my favorites. (*crosses fingers for a second season*)

Everytime I see Duke in the show I think "why the long face..." (sooo funny...not...lol). But I love Duke and his arrogant attitude. He's one of my favorite things about the show. He usually has the comedic one-liners throughout but he knows how to be deep and heartfelt.

Eric Balfour is a sweetie to, as I've learned from his twitter: @ERICBALFOUR. So follow him & show him love! :) He's trying to reach 10,000 followers for a special donation!

P.S. Haven is on the SyFy channel every Friday at 9/8c. Next Friday is the season finale...and I'm hoping it's picked up for another season. Check it out & tell me what you think.

(you can make that picture your wallpaper.)

Click here for the Haven promo with a little Duke at the end! 

Who are you smitten with this Saturday!?
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