15 March 2013

Drama of the Week - Substitute Princess

» Substitute Princess | 金大花的華麗冒險 «

I have a serious crush on Taiwanese dramas, I feel like they are just how dramas are supposed to be! This one (so far) is no different. Reading the summary I thought it was going to be heavy on the comedy--though there is comedy--this is more on the drama side.
This is the first Taiwanese I've watched that is currently airing... and it is pure torture! There will be 20 episodes and only one is released every week. I've been spoiled with Korean dramas airing two times a week.
This is one of the first dramas I've watched where I'm really not sure which guy she'll end up with. In about 99.9% of the dramas it's with a chance encounter or the 1st guy you see her with... it turns out both guys fit those categories.
This is much more than an "ugly duckling" style drama. Episode 8 is up and I cannot wait to watch it!

If you've never watched a Taiwanese drama, I recommend Devil Beside You or Fated to Love You be your first ones then quickly head to Dramafever to watch this one!

Summary of the Drama:
Jin Da Hua (Nikkie Hsieh) is sweet, but misunderstood: she’s constantly being made fun of for her buck teeth, pigtails and poor fashion taste. On top of that, she’s got a debilitating crush on the handsome, good hearted Lin Guan Jun (James Wen), but does he even know she exists? Before she can find the genuine answer, Jin Da falls into a bizarre plot of plastic surgery and wakes up looking like the glamorous heiress Du Liang Yen. From rags to riches — and from dork to princess — Jin Da ends up in a tale of romance and soul searching.

If you'd like to watch too, and be totally hooked, check out these sites with English subtitles: Dramafever | Hulu

I am always looking for drama recommendations, but if you have any Taiwanese ones you loved then please let me know!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I totally agree with everything in this post. It's also is my first Taiwanese drama to see that is currently airing - I usually wait until they're finished to begin watching. And like you, I cannot figure out who she is going to end up with. It's a pleasant confusion, however, since most dramas give it away in the first two seconds, and then you're left with forty episodes of angst, arguments, and handholding before the end. XD Definitely going to be keeping up with this drama, and your blog! (:

    1. I have one episode left and STILL don't know who she's going to choose. I'm leaning towards Ouyang Tai.
      What other dramas are you into recently?

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      ♥ Shanise


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