11 March 2013

Monthly Favorites - FEBRUARY!

1. BOOKS: The Edge of Never  by J.A. Redmerski
Another one of those characters that I related to so much! A great story from beginning to end. And the guy was not a bad boy, just tough and sexy and sweet! Even though you're left with a fairly satisfactory ending, there will be a second book. I can't wait to read that!

  • Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (I am in the color Nude. Love this foundation. The lightest I've ever used and it doesn't start feeling heavy by the end of the day. I have oily, acne prone skin and though  this is light to medium coverage, it smoothes out and evens out my skin tone!)
  • Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action (I had stopped using this for awhile and couldn't remember why... until I opened the bottle. It smells soo strong like men's cologne. But it works really really well for me, so I'll get over it!)
  • As I Am Coconut CoWash - (This stuff is awesome. It cleaneses your hair without stripping it, but doesn't leave it feeling heavy and limp. In fact, my hair hasn't looked so full and voluminous in a very long time. It's supposed to be for ethnic hair, but my mom [who is white] uses it and loves it as well. You don't need a conditioner with it, but I use one anyways, which only adds to the benefits! You can get it at Sally's.)
  • Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Amethyst - (These colors don't last very long and I'm not a fan of the brush, but I love the variety of colors. Especially this one. I got in purple, but it's kind of awesome that it's called Amethyst since that is my birth stone.... ^_^" The website is a bit misleading, the color is more true to purple.)
  • Substitute Princess - (A Taiwanese drama that has completely won me over! I highly recommend this one. Not too heavy in the comedy, but not a sad/sappy drama either! Super fun theme song that I fear if I download, I'll never stop listening to it.)
  • Level 7 Civil Servant - (I talked about this one and why I loved it here. Yet another Korean drama I can't pull myself away from!)
4. FOOD:
  • Oranges - (Seriously, I've probably had a billion this past month & I'm still eating them like crazy. I've had 2 today of the Cara Cara variety.)
  • Lipton Iced Tea in Pomegranate Blueberry - (I hate tea unless it's premade and fruit flavored. Love this kind!! It has just enough of the tea taste without being over powering. I hate tea.... hate.)
  • Red Velvet Cupcake Coffee - (My  mom got it for me for my birthday and I've had it almost every morning. I mix it with regular coffee to not use it up and you can still taste it. It's true to name... sooo good!! No link, sorry. I can't find id on the interwebs.)
  • "BizzyTigerYoonMirae" by MFBTY  - (Yo! The beat, the lyrics... TASHA... Just perfect! Add this to your workout playlist!)
  • "Ring Ma Bell' by Two-X - (Fun, girly, a bit too girly at times. But I like it. I LOVE LOVE the colors in this music video, their hair, makeup and outfits. Everything. I enjoyed their debut song "Double Up" which was less girly, something I usually like, but for some reason, I like this one a little better.)
  • "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - (I'm late on this train. But I hate this song. I love this song. I can't help it. I love the lyrics, the beat and the flow of the rap. So, yeah... I'm addicted. I think Macklemore looks like Jeremy Scott's little brother.)
  • "있다 없으니까 (Gone, Not Around Any Longer)" by SISTAR19 - (I didn't love this song as much as their other, "Ma Boy", but it is still a beautiful song. Though the dance is predictable. I love Hyolin's voice and Bora's subtle/sexy rapping! And can I please have their legs & shoes? Please? 제발?)

I recommend you check any and all of these things out asap!! I'll try to think of all new things for March.
What are your favorites from February?!

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