10 January 2012

Top 5 Songs Played This Week!

I'm back!! Yay!! Ugh, I think I've missed this meme the most. I LOVE music and love being able to share it with everyone.
I got a new iPod for Christmas and my computer, containing 99% of my music doesn't have a charger. So, these are basically the top 5 songs I have been listening to that I have now. (Cannot wait to get all of my music back.)

1. "너만을 보고 너만을 그리는" by Chocolat (listen) - Chocolat, pronounced as shaw-ko-la (French), is a new girl group in the Kpop world and so far, I am loving them. Especially this song. The English title is "In a Heartbeat" (though that is not the literal translation.) Melanie is my favorite. (Nod and pretend you know who that is or click here.) I can't wait for more from these girls!
2. "I Like It (English)" by Chocolat (listen) - Again, another song from Chocolat. This one has a Korean version (here), but I like the English one better. Which is really rare. I hope these girls keep up their fun and unique (to Kpop) vibe!
3. "나쁘다 (feat. 진실) by Tablo" (listen NOW) - OH MY GAWD this man is a complete lyrical genius. You don't even have to know Korean to get that! Just. UGH! I am in love with him and this album. I wish I had known about him while he was in the group Epik High! I could rave but... ugh. And Jinsil (the singer), her voice is GORGEOUS in this. Again, I knew nothing of her before this!! 나쁘다 [nappeuda] literally translates to bad. "Love is so bad, bad, bad, bad." *Shrugs* Pretty self-explanatory. (An acoustic version here.)
4. "집 (feat. 이소라) by Tablo" (listen) - Of course I had to include another song by him. He's.... my new love. And the girl singing, Lee Sora, her voice is so haunting and beautiful. I just... ugh. 집 [jib] literally translates to home. This entire album is a masterpiece. It's not even music, it's art. You must get it. Now. Buy it on iTunes --» HERE! I cannot wait to hear more from him. He's signed with YG, my favorite Korean label... but if they mess with his music. I will not be happy!
5. Take Care (feat. Rihanna) by Drake (listen) - I love Rihanna's voice in this song. And love how Drake goes from singing/rapping to rapping quickly. It just works. And the entire production. Of course, I'm a big fan of Drake. And I'm loving this entire album, of the same name. Definitely better than his past albums!
*bonus* "Mission" by Robin Thicke (listen) - Ohh man, this album. You want to listen to this alone, for sure. This dude is sex. Voice, lyrics, looks.... just bad [in the best way]. LOVING his entire album, Love After War. Robin Thick is... that dude! Do not listen to covers of this song. Trust me. Save your ears!

What have you been playing a lot this past week!? Come back next Tuesday for a new list (maybe a few returns)! And if you listened to any or all of these songs, tell me what you think in the comments! :)
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