08 January 2012

HELLO 2012

Love the new look? I sure do. Bright and fun. (If the font or anything give you trouble LET ME KNOW. If it's too slow, something isn't loading, wrong link....whatever... tell me please!)

Ahh!! I can't believe it's already 2012! I swear, last year was the fastest year of my life. So much happened.
I contribute the speed of it to my nephew being born. He definitely helped time fly.

And sadly, I didn't read books like I should have. Let's hope this changes this year.
I've set a goal to read 82 books this year. (If anyone knows where a status bar widget is, please let me know!) And I'm reading numero uno right now, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. So good so far. I'm just waiting for the "sexy" part everyone keeps talking about. Unless they're talking about the cheeky Noah in general, then yes... very sexy. ;-)

There will be a review for that this week.

I haven't been posting many reviews here because 1. I haven't been reading very much and 2. I've been guest reviewing for Good Choice Reading. So follow them (I'm sure you are) and you can read all of our reviews!

Probably within the next few months, I'll bring on my mom to do reviews of the books that she reads. She loves YA contemporary, but she also has other tastes that I'm not interested in and I'm sure some readers are. :)

I've been a little book buying happy (plus ones I'm sent) so, expect a "What's in My Mailbox" for the entire month of January! I may do it monthly or bi-weekly. Depends on when I recieve books. :)

Memes and features are some of my favorite things about blogging. So I can't wait to start posting those again.
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