01 February 2012

DIE FOR ME by Amy Plum [review]

Die For Me (Revenant #1) by Amy Plum

Published: May 10th, 2011 | HarperTeen
Age: Young Adult, Paranormal
Pages: 341
Acquired: Won from a contest.
Overall: ½
After their parents are killed in a car accident, 16-year-old Kate Mercier and her older sister Georgia, each grieving in her own way, move to Paris to live with their grandparents and Kate finds herself powerfully drawn to the handsome but elusive Vincent, who seems to harbor a mysterious and dangerous secret.

Kate and her sister are basically forced (boo-hoo) to move to Paris with their grandmother and grandfather after a tragic accident takes the life of their mother and father. Though, Kate would enjoy a new look, she can't get out of her slump. I mean, how do you after losing both of your parents at the exact same time?
When Kate decides to venture out into the great outdoors, she sits at a little café and catches the eye of a cute boy and his friend across the street.
The strange attraction never leaves her mind and she can't seem to get away from, no matter how hard she tries.

Vincent is a boy with a lot to hide and I loved finding everything out as I read. I've never really read a "zombie" book, and though Vincent and his pals are considered Revenants... it's really just a glorified name for zombie. This isn't your gore, blood & guts type of book... which I like. I'm not very into those types of books.
This is a sweeter book that has the strength and depth of something worth remembering.
I enjoyed Kate's character and how she fought for herself and the ones she loved. Never forgetting her parents but not putting the ones who are here for her now out of her mind.
The relationship she develops with Vincent and his friends is amazing. And seems to be quite easy, enviable on any level. Real life, or in a book. I'd love that type of friendship with boys, girls, family, whoever.

I can't wait for the next book and hope that we get more of Kate's relationship with her sister and Paris.
I have a feeling about a little battle within the Revenant house, but I'm actually looking forward to it. If it were to happen!
I'll probably purchase the second book as soon as it comes out. So far, this series is hardback worthy! :)

Plot: ½
Ending: ½
Writing: ½


Author Info:
Amy Plum
grew up in Birmingham, Alabama before venturing further afield to Chicago, Paris, London and New York. An art historian by training, she finally traded a tiny apartment in Brooklyn for a rambling farmhouse in a village of 1300 people in the French countryside. She lives there with her French husband, two young children and big red dog Ella, and spends her time writing in a tiny ancient stone house in her garden.
Die For Me is her first novel.

Check out Amy on her: websitetwitter | facebook | goodreads
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