13 February 2012

This Week in Books (001)

  1. Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright (for review on goodchoicereading) 
  2. Vampire's Kiss (The Watchers #2) by Veronica Wolff (for review from publisher)
  3. Isle of Night (The Watchers #1) by Veronica Wolff (Barnes & Noble)
  4. The Long Way Home (Homelanders #2) by Andrew Klavan (Barnes & Noble)
  5. Pleasure Unbound (Demonica #1) by Larissa Ione (Barnes & Noble)
A little more:
-After receiving Vampire's Kiss, I decided I must read the first book before I could read this one. I'd never heard of the book but they sounded interesting. :)
-I've read and loved the first book in the Homelanders series, The Last Thing I Remember... full of action. Non-stop action! It's a fantastic break from all of the paranormal and romance that gets to be too much!
-Fire Baptized is a book I'm actually really looking forward to and will link you to my review when I'm done! :)
-Damaris from Good Choice Reading suggested a Larissa Ione book when I was stuck at Barnes & Noble last night and didn't know what else to get. So, I picked up Pleasure Unbound by her. I'm thinking it may be exactly what I was looking for.

"This Week in Books" is hosted by Alea at Pop Culture Junkie. It's similar to In My Mailbox... but, personally... I like this better. So, I'll be doing this every week or so! :)

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