01 January 2013


I'm so excited for this New Year! I have decided I'd only make a few resolutions that are not only realistic but also a little challenging. 
And one of those New Year's resolutions is not only keeping up with this blog, but making it bigger and better. I've completely redone it and have made myself a schedule so there's something to post every day! 

And because I want to, I'll share that schedule with you below. . .
(one of the following will be that day. Not all.)



  • Weekend Warrior - This will be a feature I do that will show what I did over the weekend, [if I did something worth sharing] such as DIY crafts, day trips, made a new recipe...whatever! :)
  • This Week in Books / In My Mailbox [basically the same thing, but it'll be called the first one.]
  • Author Spotlight
  • Book Review
  • It's Monday, What Are You Reading?
  • Books for Thought
Tuesdays: [I will not post anything book related on this day. At all.]
  • Tune Tuesday
  • Movie, Music, TV Show or Drama review
  • Movie, TV Show, Drama or Music Spotlight
  • Waiting On. . . 
  • Random Post
  • Food, Craft, etc. . .
  • Book Review
  • Thursday Question
  • What's New In. . . [This is a feature I'll do to showcase what's new in the world of entertainment, or even me.]
  • Wrap-Up [This will be bi-weekly or once a month. Not every week.]
  • Song, Show, Drama or Movie of the Week
  • Get to Know Me! [I'll find a quiz somewhere online and post it here answering them so you can get to know me a little better!
  • Smitten on Saturday [This used to be hosted at Another Book Junkie, but she no longer runs her blog so I'm taking over this meme. Every Saturday, you post a book to TV/Movie stud that you are smitten with. It doesn't have to be a hottie, just someone who wins you over one way or another!]
I'm reigining in the New Year by updating this blog, listening to music and watching Rockin' New Year's. I'm not a party girl, I'd rather, stay warm in my room and watch the madness from afar. lol.
How are you bringing in the New Year's? And how was your Christmas [or whatever you celebrate], btw!? Did you eat lots of food, have a great time, get lots of goodies, give lots of goodies?

I'm so excited to be sharing this new journey with the rest of you bloggers! 
Lots of love!! Check back later on because I'll be posting my Top 10 Kpop albums of 2012! And next Tuesday will be my Top 20 Songs of 2012! ♥ ^_^~

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