29 January 2013

Tune Tuesday - KPOP!!

If you've visited my blog before, or know me, you know how obsessed I am with Korean Pop music! This month has been chalk full of hit after KPOP hit! 
Most labels [aside from YG], only release one music video from an album or mini album, but to my very very pleasant surprise, Woolliment released a music video ["Special Girl"] from Infinite H [a subunit from the group, Infinite, containing the members Hoya and Dongwoo.] and then a few weeks later, another one!!

Anyways, here is the music video for "니가 없을 때 (Without You) feat. Zion-T". 

I love Infinite, mainly for their epic dancing, but this subunit is a huge win for me!!

What do you think?! I'm loving it and the album!

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