04 January 2013

Song . . .Of the Week!

Every week at about this time, I'll feature a song, movie, drama or TV show that I have been loving! [I still need to make a button for this one.]

Today's song of the week is one I've had on repeat (literally) for two days now. Surprising it's not a K-Pop song!

Ne-Yo, "She Is [feat. Tim McGraw]"
This is the Ne-Yo that I love. Slow and R&B! And then add Tim McGraw. Sold. Done. Dead. Perfect. And when Tim says "put me in twist" at about 1:30, I get chills, and I don't know why!! I love love how they sound simultaneously mad but in blissful ignorant love at the girl for making them fall in love with her. Again, perfect!

If the video won't play, listen to the song here.

So, what do you think of the song? I think it may be the best on the album. Aside from "Let Me Love You(Until You Learn to Love Yourself."

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  1. i usually listen to indie music but this is good song!!

    i see you're reading vessel... GAH! my sister keeps pushing it to me. definitely reading in 2013.



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