18 July 2014

K-Drama Review: A Witch's Romance

A Witch's Romance
Korean Title: 마녀의 연애
Genre: Romance, comedy, drama.
Number of Episodes: 16
Watch on: Viki
Starring: Uhm Jung Hwa, Park Seo Joon, Han Jae Suk, Jung Yun Joo, Yoon Hyun Min
Rating: ½
Synopsis:It’s understandable to lose your faith in love after being stood up on your wedding day. Ban Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa) was devastated and then believed that marriage wasn’t for her. The 39-year-old has focused on her career as a reporter, so seriously that her colleagues refer her to as a witch, and put her romantic life on the back burner. But when Ji Yeon meets Yoon Dong Ha (Park Seo Joon), the 25-year-old owner of a small errand center, she finds herself in an unexpected December-June relationship that could thaw her hardened heart. But will her life become further complicated by the return of her former fiancé, No Shi Hoon (Han Jae Suk)? “A Witch’s Romance,” also known as "A Witch's Love" and “My Queen,” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Jeong Hyo. It is a remake of the hit Taiwanese drama “My Queen.”

I remember scrolling through Viki, and saw this and clicked on it and--five episodes later--I wasn't sure where I was or how it happened. I quickly learned that this is a remake of the Taiwanese drama, My Queen, that I have yet to see and am not sure if I want to watch now. Even though I love the lead, Ethan Ruan.

This is one of those dramas that doesn't have too much depth and I like that about it. Sometimes I'd rather not see any of the characters crying, whining, or complaining every other episode. Or pushing away the person they want most for stupid reasons. Now there was a few times there was some resistance, mainly from Ban Ji Yeon, but it wasn't with lack of comedy.

I loved how lovey-dovey (T-Ara anyone?) the characters were with each other and other people in their personal lives. There is so much great chemistry in this casting. Though this is my first time seeing Uhm Jung Hwa in a drama, I have seen her in the Korean movie, Seducing Mr. Perfect with Daniel Henney. And the lead male, Park Seo Joon, I've seen in Dream High 2 but he's always played a second lead and I hope after this he'll only play the lead in dramas!

The relationship between Yong Soo Chul and Yoon Dong Ha is how I feel I would want all of my friendships to be. Ridiculous, over the top, and purely adorable. I found myself doing the "fangirl" squeal and flailing about when they were together. No... there's no OTP here. Just adoration for how perfect these BFFs are!

When Dong Ha and Ji Yeon were together, there was chemistry, but like most typical Korean dramas there just wasn't enough. It felt like they were not aloud to get closer or something. As if their relationship and need to do simple touching wasn't allowed. Which, I guess in Ji Yeon's mind it wasn't. But when Dong Ha would do his sneaky kisses, their hugs, the time they spent together alone, the dates, it was all adorable and kind of made up for the lack of "skinship."

Overall, this was a drama I tripped over and didn't allow myself to be picked up. I loved being pulled under. I wanted more and more. I laughed. I squealed. I loved. I hated. I just completely adored this drama!!
I may still watch the original Taiwanese version, My Queen, eventually, but right now I'm still getting over this gem.

Have you watched this drama yet? Or even the original? Anything you felt I should have talked about?

Let me know, below!


  1. I've watched the taiwan version My queen and I watched it because of Ethan Ruan too :) WIll catchup this korean drama soon! Thanks for this review :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by!!
      I will most likely watch My Queen eventually, I loved Ethan Ruan in Fated to Love You!



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