15 July 2014

Tune Tuesday - Latest Favorites

It is time for my most favorite-st thing in the universe. Music. And here are a few songs I've been playing a lot lately! (I don't have a pretty graphic/banner yet, so just enjoy the music!)

GOT7 - "A"

Ohhhhh GOT7... I don't know how you wedged yourselves into my fangirl heart, but I am going insane. I had a bias then it changed then it changed again. But Jackson stays true. That smile and lip bite... I digress. This song is adorable and Mark's voice when he's speaking English. Just... ughhhh!!

Jencarlos Canela - "Volveré"

I still don't know how I came across Jencarlos, but I love him! I will say that the song that was the deciding factor for my love isn't even on this album, but this one is. And i love love it. When it comes to music in Spanish, it has to be Reggaeton style or more slow ballads like this one!

f(x) - "Milk"

f(x) is a hit and miss group with me, I usually like their singles but never any of the other songs on the mini album or album... This was an exception. The album single, "Red Light," is good... but then I listened to this and loved it. Yes, it's a song about milk. Milk soothes a sore tongue and mouth after eating something spicy, so you need milk when your heart gets burned. Eh... Eh!?

Taeyang [태양] - "Love You to Death"

I love love love this album, and I can't really decide which is my favorite song, but I'm pretty sure this is leaning towards being #1.

Sam Smith - "Stay With Me"

I first learned about Sam Smith from the song he has with Naughty Boy called "LaLaLa", I decided to look him up and found this one. Now I hear it everywhere. And as long as it's not the (horrible) version with Mary J. Blige I don't mind it at all.

15& - "Not Today Not Tomorrow"

I didn't care for their first single and was iffy about their second one, but then they released "티가 나나봐" and I loved them! I downloaded the album, and this is probably my other favorite song from it. It was a surprisingly good album!

Ailee & 2LSON - "I'm in Love"

This song and music video are absolutely gorgeous and Ailee's voice is simply beautiful

Jiyeon [지연] - "[Never Ever] 1분 1초"

I used to be annoyed with Jiyeon after Dream High 2. I couldn't separate her from her character. But this debut solo has me changing my mind. I have grown to really like her and this song!

Any songs you're listening to that are constantly on repeat!? Let me know below!!

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