15 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday [001]

Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows!

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I will try to have these in order, but they'll most likely just be the ones I could remember absolutely loving! And I will do a separate list below of top dramas. Because I have to include those!

Movies & TV Shows

  1. Beauty & The Beast
  2. Leon: The Professional
  3. The Notebook
  4. War of the Worlds (2005)
  5. Finding Nemo
  6. Gilmore Girls
  7. Castle
  8. Supernatural (mainly the first 4 seasons)
  9. The Golden Girls
  10. Dawson's Creek


  1. Coffee Prince
  2. The Master's Sun
  3. Answer Me 1997
  4. Devil Beside You
  5. Rooftop Prince
  6. Fated to Love You
  7. Drunken to Love You
  8. What's Up Fox?
  9. Greatest Love
  10. Mary Stayed Out All Night

So, what are some of your favorite TV shows, movies, and possibly dramas!? Let me know!

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