21 July 2014

REVIEW: Summer's Temptation by Ashley Lynn Willis

Summer's Temptation by Ashley Lynn Willis

Series: #1 Vandeveer University
Published: 07 July 2014
Genre: NA Contemporary
Format: kindle | for review
Finished: 14 July 2014

Overall: ½

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Summary:      If there are only three truths in life, they are these. Women will always try to change a man. Men will always say anything to get a girl in bed. Tyler Mason will always have a long line of girls trying to domesticate him, and none will succeed. If one of these ceases to be true, the world will cease to exist.
      These are the rules as college student Cassie Faye knows them, so when she gives up on dating in favor of a man who can satisfy her without tempting her heart, her next-door neighbor Tyler tops the list. Tyler isn’t the type of boy Cassie would fall for, but he’s the perfect guy to teach her how to claim her sexual independence without losing her heart in the process. Too late, Cassie finds out that under his womanizing exterior is an attentive, considerate lover who brings out passions in her that she'd barely glimpsed before.
      What if she’s wrong about the third truth? What if the world as she knows it is about to cease to exist?

      Jumping into this book, I didn't know what to expect because there aren't many reviews up on goodreads yet. But the bestie warned me I may not like it as much as her. She's said that about a lot of books that end up going either way for me... this one was the kind that went south.
When I first started this book, about every character that's in this book is in the first 5% and I developed a headache. I wasn't sure who was who and was completely lost. But after awhile, around 20% I was able to decipher each character and their relationship to Cassie.
Cassie... I was completely over hearing how pretty, hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, etcetera this girl is--and she just doesn't know it. I get it. I got it the first 25 times.
Throughout I found myself more or less skimming than reading the complete paragraphs; though I made sure to read all of the dialogue. It just started to drag for me after awhile.
I wanted to like Tyler or the relationship they had, but I didn't feel like there actually was one. At the end it makes sense how he fell for her, but I never felt like we were shown what made Cassie fall. The only times they were really together were when they were getting it on. . . and we only read two maybe three times about that. So any conversations or connections that happened had to have happened when we weren't there to witness them. So I personally didn't care for Tyler. I didn't care for the lead or any one else in the book. I had little to no connection to any one.
What I did like was the setting, the age range of all the characters and how care-free they all seemed, the houses they lived in, the fact that they went to a real college, the location of the book. Things I'm completely envious of. But it just wasn't enough for me if I didn't feel any connection to the characters or the story as a whole.
There will be a sequel to this book, and I'm not sure why. The ending was not a cliff hanger like intended. In fact it felt more complete than a lot of books I've read lately. I'm kind of tempted to read the next one after reading the excerpt, but I'm not sure if I want to risk another book that brings out little to no emotion from me.

There aren't many reviews up on Goodreads yet, so don't let me be your deciding factor. Wait a bit, or just read it now!

Characters: ½

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