19 August 2014


HA:TFELT - Me? [mini album]
Rating: ½
Genre: K-Pop/Indie
Language: Korean

Track List:
  1. Iron Girl (feat. Lim of Wonder Girls) -xx
  2. Truth -xx
  3. Ain't Nobody -xx
  4. Bond (feat. Beenzino)-xx
  5. Wherever Together -xx
  6. Peter Pan -xx
  7. Nothing Lasts Forever -xx

I haven't been a fan of Wonder Girls for very long. In fact, I only have their 2012 album "Wonder Party". I never bothered getting into their previous work (they haven't released anything sense). So I wasn't as excited about this solo debut from Wonder Girls member, Ye Eun... But because she was a member of said group and JYP records, I was still curious and had my listening ears on.
I watched the video for "Ain't Nobody" and was a little confused as to whether I liked it or not; especially her voice. When you're in a group, and have a distinct voice, it doesn't really stand out that much, but as a solo artist, she definitely carries her own. After listening a few more times, I fell in love with the song and ended up loving her voice.
I listened through the full album a few times until I had my favorites chosen and even knew some of the lyrics to a few songs.
"Iron Girl" was yet another song that I was unsure of upon first listen. It has a weird beginning, interesting--albeit empowering--lyrics and just no definite genre. I immediately recognized Lim's voice in the song. She is one of the only members of Wonder Girls who I could recognize by face and voice. After really listening through, this became my second favorite song right after "Ain't Nobody".
I believe the only song that I wouldn't go to to play would be "Peter Pan". It's a pretty song, but a bit too. . . soundtrack-y sounding.
"Nothing Lasts Forever" has to be the most unique song on this album. It sounds as if it wasn't mixed properly, but yet.... on purpose. If that makes sense. I read that it was actually written for a Wonder Girls fan who passed away. And I choose not to look too hard into that, because I'd rather not tie something like that or what exactly happened every time I listen to this song. But it's kind of hard not to when the lyrics read: "But I'm here to remember/You'll always be remembered".

Overall, I sincerely enjoyed this album and was very much pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. I just hope that if Ye Eun [aka HA:TFELT] does more solo work, it's just as good, and just as surprising. I didn't expect her to have such a beautiful voice.
This album has the same kind of vibe of the Wonder Girls song "Girlfriend", which was my favorite on the "Wonder Party" album. And Ye Eun just happened to right it.

Bonus Video:
   The beautiful music video for "Ain't Nobody".

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