20 August 2014

Seven Book Cliches That I Am Over!

These are all opinion and are things that personally I have seen/read a few too many times in books. (As of late, mostly in the New Adult genre.)I'm sure you'll agree with a few or all of them. If you have any others you'd like to include, please do!!

  1. "I let go of the breath I didn't realize I was holding."
                          • I just imagine a bunch of blue-faced girls with more stress than someone their age should  have.
                          • How do so many people hold their breath subconsciously!?!?
  2. Bad Boys
                          • I don't think I have to go into too much detail.
                          • Why are girls so into that? A jerk who has slept with half of America and treats you like trash... Winner.
                          • He'll change just for you? Don't hold your breath. (See #1.)
  3. Blue or silver/grey eyes on the guys and brown or green eyes on the girl.
                          • Do people in book-land have to follow some sort of rules about what color eyes they have to have?!
  4. Blonde girls; brunette guys.
                          • I feel like the blonde girls are changing but the guys--for the most part--are still dark haird [blue eyed bad boys that we hold our breath over].
                          • See #3
  5. Bottom lip is bigger than their top lip and it's apparently the worse kind of flaw.
                          •  Why. . . . . . ?
                          • I just don't get who decided that that was a flaw..... and one that needed attention so frequently!
  6. Big secret that could hinder a relationship.
                           • What is with all the big secrets?
                           • And why does it have to decide a relationship status?
                           • Death, past loves, horrible parents, blah blah blah!
  7. Sex solves everything.
                           • Yeah... well... no. Just..... no.

What else are you tired of? I'm sure there are plenty more I'll eventually think of but these are what I could think of now.

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