13 August 2014

SPOTLIGHT: The Man of a Thousand Faces by Jay Stritch

The Man of a Thousand Faces by Jay Stritch
YA Science Fiction
Release Date: 20th August 2014
Series: #1 in Eight Worlds Chronicles
Nineteen year old Achill has never left his training camp on Mars. With the revelation that his mother was exiled from the strict system after he was born he feels even more pressure to prove his loyalty and status as a fearless warrior who doesn't think before he kills. That is until he, who has never been taught of love or freedom, is sent on a secret mission for which he must travel through the other seven planets and fight for survival. As his journey unfolds he will discover unknown truths, potential love and face the strangeness of the lives and culture of those raised so differently to him. He may even uncover the timeless mystery of the man of a thousand faces. As tensions rise and the stakes are higher than ever Achill must decide who he is actually fighting for as he tries to understand both conflicts between the planets and also within himself.
A story that will take you to another world...many in fact, it has anti hero’s, romance, strong adventure and unforgettable characters. Overall it is a rip roaring ride in a world where each of the eight planets has a different idea of civilization, a ruling god and where travelling between these contained worlds can spell extreme danger, conflict and in some cases unexpected insight.

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About the Author:
Jay Stritch is a published author, Cambridge student and lover of all modes of storytelling. She has always been a fan of gritty YA fiction that can cover real issues while taking you on an adventure. She is a self confessed adrenaline junkie and has recently released the first installment in the new YA trilogy, 'The Man of a Thousand Faces.'

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