05 August 2014

Tune Tuesday - Block B - "Her"

I have four male groups that are equal in how much I like them: SHINee, BIGBANG, Got 7 and Block B.
Block B cancelled their promotions of their last single, "Jackpot" after the Sewol Ferry accident, like many artists did. But unlike many artists, they were completely silent after. I was getting antsy and needed new Block B immediately.

Finally... FINALLY, they released a new single and a mini album to go along with it. And I love the new single!! ZICO and PO's voices.... and Kyung's... and just yes!!

So this week (while I listen to some recently downloaded music for future reviews) I give to you:

BLOCK B - "HER" and their crazy MV.

So, are you a fan of BLOCK B? Who is your bias? I think ZICO is mine, and has been since the beginning.

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