07 August 2014

TV Show of the Week - Murder in the First

» Murder in the First «
Genre: Crime, court, drama | Length: 1 hour | Channel: TNT | Air date: Monday @ 10/9c

A friend of mine told me about this show, and though I had seen a few previews for it, I didn't care to watch. Another crime drama/court show? *yawn* At the time of it's release, I had nothing else on at 9c on Mondays, and no job to wake up early for the following day, so I decided to just watch.
Well, well, well... I did not know that Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) would be in this show; color me intrigued.

After the murder wasn't solved in the first episode... or the second.... or the third... I began to realize that the murder would unfold throughout the entire series, which gave me an Asian Drama feel. How they take a whole season for something to happen and you just have to watch every episode to see what happens.

Because Tom Felton's character --Erich Blunt-- is the center of attention in this murder, I wonder if he'll be a part of the following seasons. I kind of want him to, but at the same time I don't. He's an entitled ass, but I sort of like that about him, too.

This is probably the first show where I care more about the sub-characters and their story than I do about the lead characters. Don't get me wrong, I like the leads: Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson, but their stories just do not have a lot of prevalence in the show in my opinion.

I haven't seen the movie by the same name, so I have no idea how similar it would be to the show.
Bonus, for your eyes:

Summary about the show:
San Francisco homicide detectives Terry English and Hildy Mulligan investigate what originally appear to be two unrelated murders. Ultimately, they learn both victims have ties to Silicon Valley prodigy Erich Blunt.

Episodes 1 through 8 have aired, and there will be 2 more before the season is over. After episode 8's craziness I don't know what they'll do for the last two, but I'm watching!!

More about Murder in the First on: Official Website | Wikipedia | IMDb | Facebook

Have you been watching this show? If so, what do you think? Let me know below!

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