11 October 2012

MUSIC REVIEW: "I'll Be There" by SPICA

SPICA - "I'll Be There" [single]
Genre: K-Pop/Dance/R&B
Language:  Korean
Members(left to right): Boa, Juhyun, Jiwon, Narae, and Bohyung
Purchase: iTunes

SPICA is a five member girl group that debuted earlier this year with a beautiful and sad song called "독하게" or Potently. Following with the release of their official debut tracks "Russian Roulette" and "Painkiller" along with the music video. These girls proved that they're not only pretty but have wicked beautiful voices and the moves.

They quickly became one of my favourite K-Pop girl groups I've ever heard with the release of their first mini album. Every song shows how talented the girls are and I fell in love with each of their voices. Finding it hard to choose and stick with a bias.

Finally, they've had their long awaited comeback with the song "I'll Be There", a completely different tune and feel than their previous releases. The song is reminscent of the mid to late 90's pop and R&B funky rhythm sound. The style in the music video fits that era as well.
Though I didn't immediately love the song like I did their previous releases, I still loved it. It's fun, a little edge and the style of music that brings up nostalgia from when I first fell in love with music.
This music video is the first time I've actually seen them smile, as their previous videos have all been sad and with one member, I actually couldn't tell that it was the same girl. She looked at least 10 years younger!

Their harmonies, vocal and dance talent shows that even though they're fairly older {age wise} in the K-Pop world, they're still very much in the prime of their lives.

These girls are going to remain in my "Top 5 Girl Groups" for a very very long time and I can't wait to see what they release next.

Bonus Video:
SPICA's latest music video for their fun song, "I'll Be There".

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