02 October 2012

MUSIC REVIEW: "One of a Kind" by G-Dragon

Genre: K-Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop
Language: Korean

1. "One of a Kind"
2. "Crayon"
3. "결국 (Finally) [feat. ?? of YG New Girl Group]"
4. "그 XX (That XX)"
5. "Missing You [feat. Kim Yoonah]"
6. "Today [feat. Kim Jongwan]"
7. "Light it Up [feat.Tablo & Dok2]"

My thoughts:
G-Dragon isn't necessarily my bias in the group he's in called BIGBANG, but he's definitely a bias in all of K-Pop in general.
No matter what style he does he knows how to pull it off; and with flair. From his always changing hair styles to his crazy clothes to his music to his personality. There is just always something to love about him.

Though this isn't a full album, he's not new to going solo in his music and like his first album there is so much to love about this one. I honestly didn't think I'd like this one as much. I was right. I loved it more than his first one.
When he first released the music video for "One of A Kind"--even knowing he's bananas--I was still surprised by his look and sound. He completely transformed from BIGBANG's recent concept into his own, individual person. The sound had more of a hard hip-hop flair and the concept of the video was obviously about all of the struggles he'd been through the past few years as well as breaking out of his past solo album.

With "That XX" we get a softer side of G-Dragon about listening to the song and video, I feel that the song is about his battles with himself and not necessarily another guy. A pretty song with a guitar that chills you out while still feeling for Mr GD and how he wants to be the right guy for this girl.

Then he throws us into a song that is completely different than both... And no less amazing. A song about being crazy, listening to music and being colorful (both literally and just in life). "Crayon" has high notes of addictive beats, synthesizers and his bubbly yet hard-hitting voice. Though this isn't my favourite song on the album, it's definitely my favourite MV that he's released. I dare you to not smile or dance while watching!

The rest of the album was still a surprise to me, there is a song called "Finally*" which features one of the members from YG Entertainment's new girl group and this may very well be my favourite song. Though there seems to be a touch too much auto tune on G-Dragon's part and not enough of the mysterious female singer, I still love everything about it. Their voices just fit together and I love the desperate sounds in their voice as they sing about how they know that this is truly the end of them.

But above all, "Light it Up" featuring the rapping of Tablo and Dok2, is my favourite. It's perfect. There's not much else to say on it. GD's voice seems like a mix of the two rappers and for his verse to be the 2nd and not the 1st just fits that. I love how short and to the point the chorus is so we get more of these amazing rappers. Listening to this song with headphones {I prefer my Urbanears Plattans headphones} gives you the full effect on how amazing everything about this song is. Especially the pulse pounding beat and every little note and instrument.

The other two songs "Today*" and "Missing You*" feature singers that I had previously not known about but love their voices. In "Today" you get a "sing along" verse at the end that, in my opinion, features other members of YG Entertainment. Like Taeyang {with an unmistakable voice} who is also in BIGBANG. And with "Missing You" it's song that reminds me of spring in the 60's. Even though it's about missing someone, it still seems happy and light.

Over all this album surpassed my expectations and even a couple weeks after the release I'm constantly listening to this work of art. Fun, chill, emotional; it hits all the right notes! Listen to this and the rest of BIGBANG's work! :)

Video bonus:
My favourite music video he's released, "Crayon". Super fun and super colourful!!

*Some of these songs are pitched and you have to download the album to hear how they truly sound.


  1. *sigh* Isn't he wonderful? I can never decide if I prefer him or TOP in BigBang, but sort of like you said, if anyone was to ask me to name 10 favorite acts in K-pop, he'd have his own category, absolutely.

    He's always changing it up, and always amazing.

    1. For me, it's between Taeyang and TOP as my faves in BIGBANG,then GD weasels himself in and I don't know. I think those three are my faves. Daesung is just adorable. But honestly, Seungri weirds me out. I don't know what it is about him, but I just... am not a big fan of his face. Though I do like his solo work. lol.
      And Taeyang releasing a solo album (hopefully) next month. STUPID EXCITED!!!!!


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